Stay Cool This Summer: PC Fan Mod





Introduction: Stay Cool This Summer: PC Fan Mod

Who does not have a dozen of those PC Fans laying around? In this build I will show you how to use those fans to produce a nice adjustable breeze during hot summer days. And it runs at least 4 hours with an ordinary 9V battery.

Step 1: Watch the Video!

The video gives you a pretty nice overview on how to build this mod. But I am going to give you some extra information in the next steps.

Step 2: Order Your Parts!

Step 3: Build the Circuit!

Here is the schematic for the circuit. I recommend to build the circuit on a breadboard first. And then move it over to the sides of the fan. But it is a pretty simple circuit and perfect for beginners.

Step 4: Success!

There you go! Now you can refresh yourself pretty easily with only a 9V battery.

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i mimic this projects.. but my power supply is 5volts/power bank... tip29 transistor... 5 volt fan...ceramic cap 2nF and it works excellent! :)

i use different components cuz some of it are not available or out of stock on our local electronics store...


Can i use a Ne555N instead?

I used the same designee and I 3d printed a case for it. Thanks so much for this awesome demo works great

Sorry for such a late request, but could you possibly post the files for the 3d printed case on Thingiverse, or a similar site? That is, if you still have them of course.

Something worth noting is that some fans (including the one I tried) have a voltage cutoff point, where it will not spin at all if it is too low. For the fan I used, it happened to be around 8 V before cutting out, which caused a lot if confusion for me.

For simply testing the circuit, I'd suggest hooking it up to a bare motor with no internal circuity.

Will this work with a 12-14 volt input, ie, in a car?

can NE555 works properly if we use 12V in the same design?

pls can you tell how much volts does the 2.2 and 10 nf are??????