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I will teach you but this instructable might be suckish because it is my first one PS: You need to be in forge ok here is the REAL thing: step 1. set 2 armor locks
step 2: collect one and go into armor lock
step 3: turn into a forge robot you should be able to still hear the armor lock sound
step 4:go into a forge bot again, and on the armor lock you set earlier hit the "delete all" button (You have to hit "B" on the controller to get to the menu)
step 5: go on your Spartan or your Elite and enjoy being untouchable by bullets and whacks that is

PS: You can still die from 1. assassinations 2. exploding transportation EXP: when the thing your were driving hits a mine
Extra: try putting on active camo people can still see you but you just look white! no spartan inside

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the ultimate smaug (author)2014-06-01

Aren't some of the glitches against the terms and conditions ect

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