Staying Up All Night


Introduction: Staying Up All Night

In this instructable you will learn how to stay up all night. This can be useful for many things. Like studying, cleaning, working. Just about anything. But by staying up all night, you will have 12 more hours to get things accomplished.

Step 1: Night Periods

8:00-10:00 - Early night
11:00-1:00 - Mid night
2:00 - 4:00 - Late night
5:00 - 9:00 - Morning

Staying awake will become progressively harder the later you get into the night.

Step 2: Early-Mid Night Tips

The early thru Mid night period are the easiest to stay awake in. If you plan on staying up all night, you might want to sleep iin a little the night before. this would be helpful. In the early night, you should stay occupied by watching TV, Playing a video game, texting, doing somehting on the computer. Stay relaxed, but not too relaxed. STAY AWAY FROM YOUR BED AT ALL TIMES. You sit down on the bed. After a while you'll end up laying down. Eventually you will b e under the covers and you will fall asleep.

Step 3: Late Night

This is the time where people lose motivation and decide to just go to bed. Remain entertained and occupied. Listen to loud music, drink a cold soda, eat an appple, play a video game. messaging a friend is always a good thing to do when your up late. If you dont have any insomniac friends, you can use Omegle. Watch some TV. Avoid news shows, or documentaries. They are boring and can make you doze off. If you feel yourself falling asleep, lick a finger and rub saliva on your eyelids. this might sound gross but it keeps you from falling asleep. You can drink a cup of coffee, or have an energy drink, but keep in mind, later on most caffinated drinks will make you crash, and you will become drowsy and tired.

Step 4: Morning

You're almost there! The morning can be the hardest step. In the early morning, i like to go for a walk around my neighborhood. Keep in mind local curfew laws. Make yourself some breakfast, watch TV, listen to some music. Do something repetative such as sewing, drawing, playing an instrument (Quietly, you dont want to wake the neighbors!) Just stay awake!

Step 5: Getting Thru the Day

Dont doze off in class, or at work, no matter how much your brain tell you too. Take a Caffiene pill in the morning, drink a cup or two of coffee. Dont stay up all night two days in a row. Doing this can damage the brain, and sleep deprevation can cause immediate problems, such as fainting, severe drowsiness, loss of appetite etc. I hope you enjoyed this instructable, and good luck staying conscious!!



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I basically stay up all night too due to sleep apnea

Story of my life too.Very tired. Cannot sleep. Goes on for days.

What exactly is insomnia? is it just not being able to sleep or is an actual like "medical" condition?

 It's the actual medical condition of not being able to sleep.

Ok IT is 3:00 AM now and I AM LOSING MY MIND. I have only stayed up ALL NIGHT once before, and IT is NOT easy. I decided to do IT again tonight. I keep dosing off. Please help

1 reply

haha, im starting my second consecutive night right now it is currently 8:30pm and ive been awake for approximately 34.5 hours

Im at the very beginning. I hace 2yo twins, a 6yo and hubby who are all fast asleep. Hubby judt graduated from a very draining course 2 hrs ago and 6yo just finished simester 1 of grade 1. I have the most disgusting house in the world and want to treat hubby to a spotless house for a change. Every single dish we own is dirty! How does that even happen! Well here i go. Its only 9pm, will update at 12am, 3am and 6 am.
Oh and spelling and grammer will only get worse fyi.

4:08 here and I'm going strong. Just have to make it till 9:00. Definitely noticing some bags under my eyes, but i've been able to work on some projects, so staying up was really good for me. i seem to have either gotten less tired or gotten used to being tired. once you can stay past like 3:00, it becomes a bit easier. at least, it did for me. good luck to everyone else

The last time I stayed up all night was when I was 16 and almost a decade ago. I stayed up a decade ago because I haven't stayed up late in my life during that time. I also stayed up when I was 16 because it's far more uncomfortable sleeping on the plane. Now I'm doing it only to finish backing up movies for our trip coming up. I wouldn't have the time to do it hours before my parents and I leave on the 26th.

hey if you are looking for more info about staying awake all night , Im sure this video will help you- Guaranteed !

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I'm at 6:00 AM In Burleson Texas.. Pretty tired but I'll survive it

did this on halloween and I'm gonna do it on christmas

1 reply

!! I'm doing that now!! its 4:00am so i'm going strong

I am not even that tired i definetly recommend drincking ice water to keep you awake and maby go on instagram or twitter to also keep you awake

Going on pretty strong for my 3rd ever allnighter since I was a teenager. It's currently 4:36, that time between late night and morning. I am feeling a little side effects, but nothing that is strong enough to force me to sleep.

7:00 almost theer.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz