Picture of Staying up all Night
In this instructable you will learn how to stay up all night. This can be useful for many things. Like studying, cleaning, working. Just about anything. But by staying up all night, you will have 12 more hours to get things accomplished.
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Step 1: Night periods

Picture of Night periods
8:00-10:00 - Early night
11:00-1:00 - Mid night
2:00 - 4:00 - Late night
5:00 - 9:00 - Morning

Staying awake will become progressively harder the later you get into the night.

Step 2: Early-Mid Night Tips

Picture of Early-Mid Night Tips
The early thru Mid night period are the easiest to stay awake in. If you plan on staying up all night, you might want to sleep iin a little the night before. this would be helpful. In the early night, you should stay occupied by watching TV, Playing a video game, texting, doing somehting on the computer. Stay relaxed, but not too relaxed. STAY AWAY FROM YOUR BED AT ALL TIMES. You sit down on the bed. After a while you'll end up laying down. Eventually you will b e under the covers and you will fall asleep.

Step 3: Late Night

Picture of Late Night
This is the time where people lose motivation and decide to just go to bed. Remain entertained and occupied. Listen to loud music, drink a cold soda, eat an appple, play a video game. messaging a friend is always a good thing to do when your up late. If you dont have any insomniac friends, you can use Omegle. Watch some TV. Avoid news shows, or documentaries. They are boring and can make you doze off. If you feel yourself falling asleep, lick a finger and rub saliva on your eyelids. this might sound gross but it keeps you from falling asleep. You can drink a cup of coffee, or have an energy drink, but keep in mind, later on most caffinated drinks will make you crash, and you will become drowsy and tired.
baileyboo1032 months ago
I am not even that tired i definetly recommend drincking ice water to keep you awake and maby go on instagram or twitter to also keep you awake
foxy1paco3 years ago
Going on pretty strong for my 3rd ever allnighter since I was a teenager. It's currently 4:36, that time between late night and morning. I am feeling a little side effects, but nothing that is strong enough to force me to sleep.
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7:00 almost theer.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
lemonie5 years ago
Variuos drugs help, but this isn't an Instructable - please remove or edit it such that it is.

An Instructable is a step-by-step guide showing how you made or did something.

Yahr, I took some Adderall yesterday and got maybe 10 min of sleep around 6am and another 20 min at 8am.
I want to see pictures of your good self looking tired (or not) and popping Adderall(?) L
You want a picture of me taking a pill?
yes, very much so.
Yeah, that's not creepy at all
Im up most of the night doing physically nothing Insomnia is awful
What exactly is insomnia? is it just not being able to sleep or is an actual like "medical" condition?
 It's the actual medical condition of not being able to sleep.
DIY Dave5 years ago
The best way to stay awake is to just get up and walk around every few minutes.
its currently 6:41am in the great state of washington. i beleive i got up around 6:30 yesterday morning...woo hoo
"This can be useful for many things. Like studying, cleaning, working." How are you supposed to study, clean, and work when you are watching TV and texting the whole time? Have you ever tried staying up all night watching TV all night? I have during weekends I had to switch shifts. It doesnt work; you get bored and fall asleep. If you want to stay up all night all you have to do is stay busy. To stay busy you can do things like study, clean, or work.
these suggestions are just for things to do if you have nothing else to keep you occupied. or for taking a break from studying/working.
boss_lady5 years ago
Hey, now- there are some of us who would argue that news and documentaries (especially the documentaries) are NOT boring.
For severe cases (and for those of us for whom caffeine is ineffective), Tabasco shots are incredibly effective. For the first 30 minutes or so your brain is completely occupied with the burn, but afterward focusing intently on a project or studying helps take your mind off of it. Balance cool drinks with the need to urinate effectively and you can stay up for a few days. For serious hotaholics, habanero and chili sauces or horseradish (fresh root) make good substitutes. For those that are wondering, yes, this is an extreme method, but when a massive project is due in two days and your group flakes on you, it gets the job done :-P
Bardouv5 years ago
I'm up most of the night without even trying. Insomnia sucks/is wonderful.