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Introduction: Steak Pops

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How about a Meaty / Manly take on the famous Cake Pops?  I'm more of a meat person than a cake person, so I really love this treat.

In this instructable, you will learn how to style your steak on a stick and brûlée it to perfection.  You can prepare these for an afternoon treat, maybe a fun way to eat your main dish, or even throw them on a BBQ for a stylish and fun way to feed your guests. I'm sure the kids would love them. 

Step 1: Whatcha Need

Get yourself some Rib Eye steak, Some Wooden Candy Apple sticks, Some glaze, a Torch and your sprinkles of choice.  My cousin would rather go with peppercorns or garlic salt - etc, but I went with colorful sprinkles for fun.  ;)

Tip - sharp kitchen scissors are very helpful in getting your desired shape.

1 steak gives you 3 good-sized pops.

Step 2: Prep It

Make your steak as desired.  I just put the heat on high, toasted each side, turned down the heat and put a lid on it until I got my desired color.

Let the meat rest before cutting it.  :)

Step 3: Circles!

I chose to go with a (newly) classic steak pop shape - the circle.  So I cut my steak up into 3 portions and cut away the excess until I found my shape.  You can eat the scraps or put them onto lollipop sticks for smaller snacks.

Take your stick and drill it up into the steak round gently but with force. You will see that it's very simple and very secure.  I even ate these things and when I tore into them, they stayed on the stick PERFECTLY.  Brilliant!  You want to thread it all the way to the top, but not going through. 

Step 4: Glaze It and Blaze It

Last step is to slather with a glaze and set it ablaze.

If you put it on thick, it may drip.  I like to cover it nicely and then get rid of the excess.  

Use your hand torch and start making those brûlée bubbles and you will smell an INSTANT BBQ.  No joke.  It was so much fun and it smelled great, tasted amazing.  I love those specks of black on there, the torch really takes it up a notch.

Garnish accordingly and enjoy!



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    Where did you get all the components? I can't even find this stuff on ebay!

    You are the weirdest ible maker I've seen YOUR ALSO ONE OF MY FAVORITES!!

    This is a great idea for an appetizer. Almost reminds me of fondue.. miss those ( I will have to use this idea for a football game munchie), good on ya! :)

    Wow! What a treat! Outstanding 'able. You can stop, drop and cover, but there is NO PUTTING OUT AWESOME!

    2 replies

    It's stop, drop, and roll. I don't know what stop, drop, and cover would accomplish, especially since it would be hard to cover after just dropping. You would have to get back up to get something to cover yourself with. :)

    Ah, yes, thank you, Rakhre! Heh heh (embarrassed chuckle). I'm showing my age...mixed it up with the old "duck and cover" per Still loving me some steak pops!

    I like it. A very ingenious way to make something different.

    nice... and you can do this with almost anything no? chicken or turkey burger meat formed into a small patty or even big meatballs!!! lol great idea!!

    Suggestion: Soak your wooden skewers first. Unless you like that charred wood flavor with your steak.

    Excellent work and a yummy ible.

    Look forward to potato and salad pops for the perfect meal!

    1 reply

    Ooh, I could totally see trying to put a lettuce wedge on a stick and adding a bleu cheese dressing over it.

    Uh...the hairy chest is a real turn off. I hope no hair got on the pops.

    So much fun! I love food that doesn't look like what it is. This is great.

    I think the only thing more delicious than a steak would be a steak with sprinkles on it. Well I mean GREAT JOB! :)

    i think there are kids down-rating instructables again, like back from the cupcake contest. sigh. :(

    what a fun idea! Very creative!