Step 3: Get PHProxy, and Hack it

Picture of Get PHProxy, and Hack it
Download PHProxy http://whitefyre.com/poxy/

open up index.php using notepad or any editor that can open php files
go to the bottom of the file, and paste in the code I have uploaded in this step ("code snip.txt")
exit the email address to be your email address, you can also have a few subscriber, there is also a code that protects yourself from your own proxy so you can use your proxy without worrying about a subscriber knowing your password.

see the attached image to see what to change

if you want to capture lots of website's login info, then copy the code as many times as you like, but repeat step 2 and 3.
code snip.txt810 bytes
brad_y7 years ago
Does anyone now a hosting server that will not block PHProxy. All the ones I've tried block iT!
dtoma brad_y6 years ago
vectro81 brad_y6 years ago
moecool1016 years ago
can some1 post the compleate code - i honestly dont get it. or atleast tell me what to substitute. thankyou in advance
mithman7 years ago
The PHProxy link is dead. Any other place to get it?
The creator of the script abandoned the whole project. Google free phproxy templates and you will find the script along with some nice free designs.
alexnester7 years ago
on myspace the password name is passwordtextbox and the id is password so which should i use
kei feng7 years ago
r we suppose to change the send_to_whatever@email.com statement to our email? so it be send_to_Folktale@hotmail.com or it just be FolkTale@hotmail.com?
frank26080115 (author)  kei feng7 years ago
just be folktale@hotmail.com