Stealth K'nex Pistol





Introduction: Stealth K'nex Pistol

This is a small, pocket-sized pistol that has about the same range as my other pistol (15 feet) but is much smaller and has less parts.

Step 1: Handle

Build the handle. You will need (again, the other parts are in parentheses):

2 white (yellow) 5-clip connectors
2 dark gray (red) 3-clip connectors
1 brown (orange) long 2-clip connectors
8 black (green) rods
1 silver (white) rod
2 blue spacers

Build everything in part 2. You can see how the rod with spacers goes on in the second pic.

Step 2: Barrel

Build the barrel. You need:

6 black (white) 8-clip connectors
5 gray 1-clip connectors
2 brown (orange) long 2-clip connectors
1 dark gray (red) 3-clip connectors
9 black (green) rods
7 silver (white) rods

Build everything in pic. 1. Attach 3 black connectors with 2 black rods, twice. Put it all together as in the second pic.

Step 3: Trigger, Firing Pin

Build the trigger and firing pin. They are the same except that the firing pin uses a green (yellow) rod instead of a black one. You need:

The trigger (find out how to build it at Trigger or just look at the pic.)
1 brown connector
1 small blue connector
1 green rod

Build the trigger the same way as the other one (you can use the link), but use a green rod.

Step 4: Assembly

Put together the gun. You need:

3 medium rubber bands or 1 medium and 1 large
firing pin

Use the pictures for help.

Step 5: Using It

Must I explain? Anyway, pull back the firing pin, load in ammo (preferably the small silver rods), pull the trigger, blah blah. This won't do much except stun...Metroids?



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    kool but the handles not to comfortable but 5*

    are you sure its the front?!?!?

    I dont even have 2 yellow connectors omg lol i used them all in my SR-V1 mod

    sweet! ive got a challenge for you though, try to make it into a bb gun :)

    eeh, where is the handle on this? 3*

    The handle is the orange connectors sticking out to the left. You have to hold it at a weird angle.

    Ok, thats good to know.

    meh. looks very bad, but this is the smallest gun i've seen with this barrel. 4stars


    Woah, idk what to say, small but looks cool..