The Stealthy Altoids Tin Man Grooming Kit , is perfect for keeping in your desk or car for those times when you really need it.


Knife or scissors
Hot glue gun


Altoids tin, color of choice
Colgate wisp toothbrush
Fingernail clippers
Razor blade
Pocket sized travel mirror
Altoids Smalls
Free sample of cascade tooling foam
or anything you find necessary on the go!

Step 1: Foam Layers

First trace the shape of the altoids tin onto one of the pieces of tooling foam.

Next cut the piece out, cut inside the lines so it will fit inside the tin.

Repeat the process twice more, two layer on the bottom and one on the top.

I did two red and one black.
where did ya get the foam pieces?
Love the idea. Stealthy indeed. A cut-down comb, a spot bandage for a nasty zit that invariably pops up right before a meeting/date, and a bit of dental floss would be the additions I would make.
Nice idea adding just the razor head, makes things much more compact. If I try this, I think I'll slide a small comb under the foam somewhere. Thanks for posting this!
Aww yeah!
Useful! i usually do have some of these things tossed at the bottom of my bag, might give this a go

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