Picture of Stealthy zune case
This is a way to rock out to your zune with a stealthy and cheap case.
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Step 1: Materials!!!

Picture of Materials!!!
This is what you need for this project.


-orbit gum

-Your Zune ( only 4-16 gig sizes )

Step 2: Gutting the gum case

Picture of Gutting the gum case
First... unwrap the case

second...take all your gum out of the case

third.....remove all the foil - Careful not to rip the cardboard!!!

Now you should have an empty cardboard box essentially.

Step 3: Cuttin' time

Picture of Cuttin' time
ok this is the most essential part. Take your scissors and cut the top right little wall on the side. I can't really describe it to you that well. look at where i am cutting in the pictures. Only cut to the main section. don't go any further. (this hole is for your headphone jack.)

Step 4: Insert your zune

Picture of Insert your zune
Put your Zune in facing you, and so your headphone jack is lined up with the whole. (look at the picture)

Step 5: Finished!!! =D

Picture of Finished!!! =D
Now, close up your case, put on some music, and of course, rock out with your stylish gum zune case. P.S.- if your friend asks for some of your delishious orbit gum, don't let him take a peice.

Mike735 years ago
I like the idea. Besides my leather zune case I also made a case from cardboard for my older zen player which was kind of complicated as I made the whole case from one piece of cardboard. It came out pretty much like the orbit package, just with some additional holes for the screen and buttons and a flap to close the whole thing so the screen isn't exposed when not in use. But I still use my 1.Gen Zune also. Zune still rocks :-)
Xantr3x6 years ago
I modified mine a bit for a better fit, because I wanted my Zune to fill the whole pack and not be able to slide around, I cut a piece of foam that was 95mmx6mmx8mm and glued it inside the pack of gum, so now my Zune fills the whole case.
bobert610 (author)  Xantr3x6 years ago
thanks...i'll try that and see if i can add it to the instructable. =D