This is a way to rock out to your zune with a stealthy and cheap case.

Step 1: Materials!!!

This is what you need for this project.


-orbit gum

-Your Zune ( only 4-16 gig sizes )
I like the idea. Besides my leather zune case I also made a case from cardboard for my older zen player which was kind of complicated as I made the whole case from one piece of cardboard. It came out pretty much like the orbit package, just with some additional holes for the screen and buttons and a flap to close the whole thing so the screen isn't exposed when not in use. But I still use my 1.Gen Zune also. Zune still rocks :-)
I modified mine a bit for a better fit, because I wanted my Zune to fill the whole pack and not be able to slide around, I cut a piece of foam that was 95mmx6mmx8mm and glued it inside the pack of gum, so now my Zune fills the whole case.
thanks...i'll try that and see if i can add it to the instructable. =D<br/>

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