Steam Punk Pipe Lamp





Introduction: Steam Punk Pipe Lamp

I had seen a lot of these lamps, but none really appealed to me. So I built by own. Follow along and let build it.

Step 1: Electrical

Start by figuring out the wiring setup. I found it best to get the lamp working before trying to figure out containing it all inside the pipes. Good luck getting the wires correct in there I used a normal socket and a salvaged power cord. Everything started right up. Just splice and solder the wires up and shrink wrap with electrical tape. Done.

Step 2: Playing With Your Pipe......

Gather your parts of pipe and really just play around until you find a shape you like. I must have done 6 different shapes until I decided on this one. Just take your time and play around. Once you have a shape decided on, you need to figure out where the electrical cord will exit the lamp. I decided on the rear of the center support brace. I was able to put the pipe in a vice and drill out a hole large enough to easily pass the cord through. Hint: make sure you smooth out the drilled hole or you will cut into wire. Not good.

Step 3: Final Paint and Assembly

This is the final shape mine took. Build the lamp halfway and then with each piece of pipe pull the wires through. Repeat until you'll assemble the lamp completely. After several light coats of flat black paint it was starting to look good. Also painted the handle bright red. This should give a pleasant contrast of colors. Wrap your power cord in painters tape to ensure it doesn't turn black as well...

Step 4: Attaching the Switch

The on/off switch was wired into the valve in the front. Found a switch at Home Depot that was small enough to fit and I "glued" the inner valve stem to the switch. Crude yes but it works. The entire valve assembly is attached with industrial epoxy. Clamp it over night and it should never come off

Step 5: Enjoy Your Cool Lamp.

Here is the lamp fully assembled and working for the first time. Don't mind my dirty bench, that is from a chest of drawers we are resurfacing. Finally here is the lamp in its home on my table and usually on my desk for work. I chose a low wattage Edison bulb merely because I likes it. I may add a shad to it one day, I doubt it though, I like it a lot. Keep working and moving forward. PS. I have a few orders for more of these things from my coworkers, I guess I'm on to something.



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    SERVALITE 3-Amp Black Light Switch - Item #: 77571 | Model #: 884417

    3-Amp Black Light Switch - A rotary switch is a general use switch that can be used as a ceiling fan control a dimmer switch and a motor control etc

    5/16 inch nipple

    Hat canopy

    3 amp and 125 volts


    Hi, I've been reading a lot of these instructables and will eventually give one a go. i was wondering what the switch was that you used inside the valve? i'm looking to make this lamp but the HD website doesn't seem to stock anything i think would fit inside the pipe.



    I have been playing around with different size pipes, sockets, etc., as I'm just getting started to make these for my own house. Can you show a close up of the socket and how you put it into the T piece (plus sizes). The only thing I've thought of so far with what I have is to glue the socket into the larger end of the reducer and I don't like that if for some reason down the road I need to replace the socket. Is there a brand that screws into a certain size pipe that provides the stability it needs? Thanks so much for putting this together!

    Was you able to figure out how to get the socket to stay in the fitting?

    How does the socket attach to the pipe fitting?

    Using the rotary switch idea from here, I put together this water valve lamp switch instructable that uses a real water valve if anyone wants to give that one a try for a lamp such as this. Not quite as simple to build though.

    2014-08-12 09.59.44.jpg

    That's an interesting looking light bulb, any info on that?

    I know it's been a year since you posted this, but you can get them at Home Depot for around 9 bucks, or order them from Amazon.

    Here are those switches on top of the valve.

    13, 5:37 PM.jpg13, 5:37 PM.jpg

    You should really make some instructables. Even for things like this that have already been done. In comments alone, you are much more informative than many of the 'ibles that have already been made, though I do appreciate their sharing. Either way, thanks for the extra help :)