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Introduction: Steam Punk R2D2

After finding a hairdryer sugestive of R2D2, it was decided to make a fullsize Steam Punk R2D2 "pull toy" for decoration.
The dome was simple, after adding a wooden disk to the bottom for Lazy Susan hardware and a blue LED/power supply for the "eye", all that was needed was paint.
In keeping with Steam Punk, a barrel was needed for the body.  A nail cask would have been great but I have not seen one of those in years and any "antique" ones cost!  So I built one.  Using two wooden disks for top and bottom, wooden slats were Gorilla Glued into place and after drying, the unit was sanded to a barrel shape.
PVC was used for the legs and to make it roll, casters were mounted to the bottom of each leg.
A little stain and paint along with a few "found" Steam Punk objects (gears from a bicycle, leather from a belt, flex conduit) and There You Go!  Steam Punk R2D2! 



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    Kind of looks like a cross between R2D2 and Tic Toc. I like it!