My Steam Punk set I made all from found materials my favorites are the knife and pocket watch. please rate if you like and if you leave comments please be nice :)
<p>This is Awesome! could you maybe do an instructable about it?</p>
<p>this was done so long ago i only have the watch left it was mostly pieced together i had laying around lol</p>
<p>oh well... It's still awesome!</p>
what did you use for the goggle components?<br>
They were mini spice tins with the clear pastic in them already .
That's brilliant! I'm considering making some. But I'm unsure what that component on the goggles is.
Which part?
i quess they mean the thing on the top that looks a bit like a metal spy fly
the handles for the knife and ummm ray gun(?) appear to be wooden plate display stands???? awesome btw
yeah they are they worked perfectly for handles lol
is the not knife gun lookin thing made of a computer microphone? <br>
yeah the barrel is.
You must be real proud of y'rself.
Great stuff, try resubmitting this as a slideshow.
I tried but couldnt find it when submitting
thats very awesome.
Thank you :)

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