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Introduction: Steam Punk Style Mechanical Pencil

About: AKA Roborovski, and Cowscankill for several years. I'm a mechanical engineering undergrad.

This is my first Steam Punk model. I originally didn't want to make a model, because I like things that do stuff, not just move or have flashy lights.

So I came up with this. This idea came to me in school. I have painted metal things in my pencil holder with a sharpie. When it rubs off, it gets a nice black-silver combo. This pencil does not use that though. I just spray painted it with some cheap silver paint that made wierd splatters. That helped for the design, but then I smudged a bunch of Sharpie ink on it to make it to make it darker and discolored. It still functions, as you can see in the last picture.

If you want instructions, just ask and I'll do it to my other pencil ;)



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    Now THIS is a steampunk pencil.

    lol, this pencil is cool, and I think the dude is alittle full of himself, but the pencil is still awesome

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    Who is full of himself?

    meant that ur ot full of ur slef

     hear is mine


    please post instructions!!!! >.<

    this is way awesome. i bought a pac of bic pens and took out the ink in one of them then burnt the cap to the back of it and while it was still hot i pushed in a coiled gold paperclip and other stuff.. but i never thought about doing it so extremely like that.

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    Thanks! It was simple really. If you plan on doing this, use SUPER GLUE NOT HOT GLUE. It will hold together much better.

    yea. i never use hot glue anyway. im too impatient for it. i need more super glue though. the kind i have now sets off fumes that burn my eyes.

    Hey, Hell, just thought I'd give you a head's up from personal experience (NOT medical training): the reaction your having is an allergy to isocyanates and it is cumulative over your lifetime and can be deadly. *READ Material Data Safety sheets from here on out. After being warned that fair-skinned redheads are particularly vulnerable, a friend and I were playing with 2-part resins for historic hardware reproductions and he puffed up like a toad for DAYS. Got additional warnings that the next exposure might not be as polite. I can still use them (for now), but let's say it's better ventilated now, even for me.

    Sweetest steampunk pen I've seen so far. I'm going to do it to all mine. What type of paint did you use to get that matte black/grey finish?

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    silver spray paint, then smudged black sharpie on it. Try to go heavy, but not too heavy.

    I would love to do this please post an instructions page

    thanks! if you want instructions, just ask. i need to get more stuff though.