Steampunk Inspired Wood Book


Introduction: Steampunk Inspired Wood Book

About: My background is in architectural drafting, and I use these skills to design things I make out of wood. I also make tutorials on youtube about using AutoCAD software, and I also write software for use in Au...

This is a book I made out of MDF (a wood product). I used AutoCAD software to design the book cover, then printed out the design onto 2 A4 sized sheets of paper which I glued to the MDF. I then created stop cuts over the entire design then after that, started the carving. It is finished with acrylic paint, enamel paint and linseed oil. The inside is lined with velvet and the hinges and screws are solid brass.



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    Could you send me the file for the design? I would like to make one for my projects book. Please respond, then I'll give you my email. (I don't like posting my email because I have had a lot of spam mail sent to me because of me posting my email.)

    If you do not know what a stop cut is, don't try to google it. I learned more on how to stop self mutilation than I ever wanted to know.

    Yes, that is a clear representation of a Steampunk-style artefact true to the meme. You must be a proud adherent.

    Wow, Amazingly Beautiful!
    Quite inspiring!
    Out of curiosity, about what depth did you carve? Also is there a specific reason you used both acrylic and enamel?

    Oh, I think I see; are those two dowels--steel dowels?--though the whole thing, securing the paper?