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    What would be cool if it played DVDs... :)

    just because you slap a bunch of wires and stuff doesn't make it steampunk.....

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     Absolutely! I'm sorry if this comes across as being mean but I'm not rating this very high.

    at least you are rating . . .

     I can't quite tell what this is… all the pictures are out of focus!

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    i will, upload more, thx!

     i lost it lol

    cool. what gave you the idea????????????

    5 stars because.
    1. looks cool.
    2. it like 1 out of maby less than 20.

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     a james bond movie with the lazor about to cut him in half or something idk

    oh yeah that i remember also is it hard to write with???????????????

     no its easy, i like it more than a regular pen.

    It's a laser pencil. Oh-no.

    What is the function junction?

    It's a neat idea, but it's not steampunk, it might classify under cyberpunk though :)

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    ya i will do that for now

     actually i am not finished with it yet, i am going to paint it and then add some more metal, gears and such.