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Here is an easy steamed and pressure cooked stew recipe with beef and vegetables.This ingredients is for two adults which is more than enough for an Asian couple.It does not take much time to do this.All in all an hour is more than enough with the cleaning up.When you boil the vegetables in water the vitamins are distroyed.So always steam vegetables  for soup/stew..This has to be served hot  to know the taste of it.
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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
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Carrot   215 gr
leeks       90 gr
Celery with leaves   175 gr (little bit leaves)
2 potaoes
Beef with bones  500gr
Water  1 Lt
Dill seed 2 pinch
Garlic 3
Cumin 2 pinch
green chillies  2
Turmeric powder  1/4 tea spoon
Clear vegetable stock

For garnishing

Step 2: Steam

Picture of Steam
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Cut the carrots and leeks in triangle shape  and steam with celery leaves.

Step 3: Pressure cook

Picture of Pressure cook
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Cut the beef  in small chunks with the bones,then the potatoes in squares,and the celery in triangles,thow them in to the pressure cooker. Add the dill seed,cumin seed,salt,green chillies  garlic ,turmeric and water.Cook on pressure for 15 minutes.Switch off the cooker and let it be on the hot plate  for about 10-15 minutes.Not to over cook please....Each pressure cooker is different,so it is up to you to know for how long it has to be pressure cooked.

Step 4: Mix

Picture of Mix
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Mix the pressure cooked beef with the steamed vegetables.
Now add 1 spoon  clear vegetable stock . This is  a base used for any soup or stew to boost the taste.
Garnish with chopped parsley.

Step 5: Hmmm

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Grab your soup plates and be the first to serve before it gets cold...
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Hmmm looks good
Mmm! Beautifully hearty stew :D