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I have always wanted a steam bath, but I never wanted to pay 3500 to 7000 for one.  So I got bored and tried to make one.  It turned out good, very simple, lots of steam, but only for an outdoor environment.  It is also very portable, so its easy to pack up and take to the cabin!

Step 1: Materials

1 outdoor turkey frier
1 large stock pot with lid
1 10' length of 1/2" inside diameter automotive heater hose
various plumbing fittings (I dont know what they were called, i just went to the hardware store and looked for what will work)
1 hose clamp
1 tent or similar (I used my hunting blind to try it out)
<p>HI - I haven't been in a steam room for a while so can you tell me if enough steam is produced to be able to soap-and-rinse off ?</p><p>I saw an invention a while ago (possibly a theoretical scenario) where a water fog was/could be created instead of a shower of water to wash/rinse in. Essentially a low water use hygiene invention.!</p><p>Nice ible ! I might have a bash at one of these over the summer !</p>
Steam showers will let you lather up. But you won't be able to properly rinse off. You'll need a bucket of water or garden hose or similar to rinse off.
I make everything ghetto. Lol because I'm too cheap to spend money on anything lol
You know, this is pretty ghetto, but the ease at which you made it is cool. And I like that there's no boiling hot pot or fire in the tent with you, that always seems too dangerous.
I want a steam. I love a steam.

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