Steam-punk Coleman Lantern


Introduction: Steam-punk Coleman Lantern

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This is my first attemp at steampunk art, I thought coleman lanterns are painfully boring, so I converted an old gas torch,
not sure if I would call this project done, but it was relatively quick and fun.



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    I realize this is an old instructable, but you should never use a gas lantern inside a house. This is a very easy way to get a buildup of carbon monoxide in your room. While lanterns were often used indoors in the old days, newer houses are sealed up much better. CO comes from incomplete combustion of fuel.

    I very strongly recommend that if you are using a lantern indoors that you invest in a CO detector.

    What did you use as the base? I don't recognize any parts of this as from a coleman lantern, except perhaps the 'bulb'...

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    It is a white gas torch common to most antique stores

    Wow! It looks great in the update! I love what you did with the strainer... with the added crystals it looks like it could have been the original lamp shade!

    This is neat, I do believe that this is the first steampunk lantern that actually runs on gas, most of the ones I've seen have been modified to electric with LEDs... Overall I like your design, though the shade itself could use a bit of work, I'm guessing it was once a wire mesh basket? - I think is still see the handle, it might look a bit better if you removed that... Anyways overall well done, and I look forward to seeing what other cool stuff you come up with!

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    Good old vegie strainer, it needs some work, the handel is the pump,
    Once I get the shade done properly I'll take a better pic.

    thats is SWEET !