It would have been great luck if the watch movement had have had silver hands,numbers and a white face,and all.But still a design I would buy,with a Swiss movement inside.Great job.
this is a really cool watch
Is the buckle made from scratch as well?
Yes. I make myself. Buckle including.
You are fantastic! EVERYTHING you make looks amazing! From your goggles to your watches, i enjoy them all. I await your further creations!
Thank you. I will try
It looks like you have enough here for a full instructable...
Observing the "popularity" of my last instructables is not so it must ;) Views and comments are almost no
Well, ok.
This is what I have. I'm sorry... <br>
I meant that with all of these pictures of the build process, you should do a full, written instructable on how to build this.

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