Steamboat With Sardine Can





Introduction: Steamboat With Sardine Can

In the first industrial revolution, the steam engine revolutionized the factories, the industry, the transport, the mining, the ships. At that time was the most advanced piece of technology that the mankind developed. Today it is possible to build at home a steam engine. One of the simplest desing is the steamboat or pop-pop boat.

Step 1: Materials

The required materials to build a steam boat are three:

- Sardine can

- 1/8-inch copper tubing (for natural gas)

- Bottle cap

Step 2: Manufacturing a Steam Boat

The copper tubing is rolled as shown in the first and second pictures. This part is the boiler where the water is heated and increases its pressure. One end is where the water gets in and the other end is where the heated water goes out.

Also remember to fill all the holes in the boats hull. I used silicon glue.

Step 3: Steamboat Launching

Now that the glue is dry it is time to start the steam engine. You will need the bottle cap, a napking and cooking oil. Put one part of the napking inside the bottle cap. Add some oil. Then put the boat inside water and with a lighter, ignite the napking with the oil. The boat will start going forward after 1 or 2 minutes, if not check if the water is properly heated.



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    Good project :)

    I'm confused so does it stop working when the water in the tube has expanded? Or, does it some how take water from below it? pls explain :)

    The boiler must be filled with water first. Then wenn the water inside is heated, it expands, and is expelled in one side and on the other side, the boiler starts to "grab" water inside the tubing. pls, let me know if the explanation was okay

    where I can order this copper wire for gas?

    it can be available in the air-con or refrigerator heat coin. Ask to air con refrigerator service.

    Also in the domestic boiler section

    Also, it is copper tubing, not copper wire.

    Thank you. I appreciate the comment. I know some technical words and others, I have to figure out. Thanks.

    Ace Hardware carries it and sells it by the foot