Now that Halloween is officially behind us, it’s time to think about how to reuse the pumpkins for other holidays.  There are a lot of different recipes for pumpkin, but if “canned pumpkin” is on your ingredient list, this not the Instructable for you. This will give you great taste with no waste.
 The list of holiday favorites that this can be used for include pumpkin pie,soup,bread,and muffins.

Any good pumpkin recipe starts with a delicious pumpkin, and that doesn't fit into a can. For this Instructable, I'm using a french Fairytail/ Cinderella pumpkin. The Cinderella variety of pumpkin, Rouge Vif D’Etampes ,originated in the 1880s in France, and is shaped like Cinderella’s carriage. The flesh is a very deep orange and suitable for cooking and baking in pies.
In France, Cinderella is the choice for making pumpkin soup. Fairytale pumpkins follow in the footsteps of Cinderella but are even more deeply ribbed.

 If you don't have this type of pumpkin, pie pumpkins are available just about everywhere and are smaller than the traditional carving pumpkin and are typically labeled “pie pumpkins.”

Field pumpkins-the type used for Jack-O-Lanterns can be used, but with less than desirable results, if not using a cooking pumpkin be prepared for pale stringy flesh,weak flavor and a watery texture.

While using a fresh pumpkin isn't quite as easy as operating a can opener, it’s not difficult either.

This Instructable will teach you how to prepare a basic pumpkin puree for all of your recipe needs.

Step 1: Materials Needed

A large lidded stockpot to be used as a steamer.

A colander, steamer insert, or basket to keep the pumpkin above the water level.

A large sharp sturdy knife to cut the pumpkin.

One or two bowls to hold the steamed pumpkin to drain and puree in.

A immersion blender, mixer, blender, food processor,or even a mash potato masher to puree the steamed pumpkin.

Several Freezer bags if storing.

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