Step 2: Stain Wood

This is purely decorative, but I decided to use a Brazilian varnish called Sparlack Neutrex, the same varnish I used for my Instructables, Painting metal to look like wood my Rustic wooden towel rack and my Steampunk Incandescent USB lamp.

You can use any kind of shellac or varnish, depending on your taste.

Let dry overnight.
I have been contemplating making a set of 'third' hands, but most of the designs I have seen are very complex and require parts you have to order online. I like the simplicity of your design, and the availability of all the parts. Well Done !!
Thanks! If I had it to do over again I'd probably skip the drawer knob feet, and just cut the bolts flat on the underside, or put them on the corers for better stability. If you do make one, please post a photo here!
Very good and simple!!! I think I have to do this. Thanks for the idea.
Thanks Chocolatist! I look forward to seeing your version;-)
Very cool, and super simple! <br>If you want to make a brass magnifying lense you could try using Brass tubing and brass stripping from the hardware store maybe.
Thanks Begrado! The tricky part about a brass magnifier is attaching it to the copper cable. It certainly can be done, but no longer &quot;super simple&quot;;-)

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