Crystal Memory
This drive is made with curved glass, silver solder, watch faces and crushed glass.
The cap slides on securely and the crushed glass glows blue when transferring data.
The drive inside has a nice coat of epoxy to protect it from the crushed glass.
4 gig USB drive with Windows ready boost.
More of my work can be viewed here:
Verne would be pleased. <br>:)
I like the idea. nice look.
&nbsp;THIS IS GORGEOUS!!!! THIS IS REALLY VERY ARTISTIC..<br /> much more than just DIY!
I've never been a huge steampunk fan, in fact I actually learn what it was through instructables.&nbsp; But I have to say this is one of the coolest steampunk projects I've ever seen.&nbsp; Thanks for sharing your work, you've inspired me. <br />
Very nice work !!<br /> <br /> I checked out your site, I&nbsp;think you need to expand your offerings, they all look great though.&nbsp; Good Work
Thanks, I had more up but they sold through other channels. I wish I had more time to work on them.
So you made I see.<br />
<p>It looks fantastic</p>

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