Last halloween I dressed up in an old fashioned manor with my cell phone in a pocket keychain. The chain was too short for the phone to reach my ear. This left me with the option of un-hook the phone every time I had to use it, make a unreasonable long chain or; mod a bluetooth headset to match the outfit :)


  • BT-headset
  • Screws'n'nuts
  • Two plates of metal (or plastic)
  • glue-gun / super-glue
  • Electrical tape
  • Wire
  • Drill
  • Magnets

Disclaimer: These materials are not tested nor designed for longer skin contact so beware of any rash or itching!

Step 1: Layout of the Headset

I acquired a cheap headset on Ebay, opened it and located the necessary buttons.

Luckily the answer/call button was located roughly at the center of the piece. (saved me the hassle of relocate it and solder..)

<p>looks great. I probably would have opted for brass bolts and nuts but thats just a matter of taste.<br>Well done</p>
I have a donor blue-tooth: My dog got hold of it and chewed up the case. I am not very savvy about the guts of electronics, but maybe I can use this &quot;junk&quot; to my advantage. <br>How well does this work? <br>How long have you worn it?
beautiful instructable ive gotta do this! love your hat too!
Dude that is M-azing. I have to put my shoes on and go buy the stuff to make this right now. Thanks a lot for this awesome instructable. :)
Yea! What sort of wire is hugging your ear - steel? L
@lemonie Yeah, some sort of steel wire used for decorations / flower arrangements I think.. It had a nice non shiny finish.
Did you even need to replace the earpiece? It looks fairly uncomfortable and is covered for the most part with your ear, you could just as easily resolder the original plastic piece...
Not going to turn your ear green then... L
Nope, just brown :P
That can easily be remedied by coating the wire with a couple coats of clear spray acrylic. Me, I'd wrap the wire with some heavy thread (like buttonhole thread).
I have an LG decoy it comes w a bluetooth but i REALLY nead the ear strap this gives me an awesome idea how to make a (lacking a better word) holster think i may make it out of leather if i can work it though
When did Steampunk go from meaning "modified to run on steam" to "modified to look like a prop from Back To The Future III"
REPORTING this you gotta stop spaming and look up a term
Then again steampunk has always been a fashion thing, not so much about actual steam power.
In all fairness, Back to The Future III was pretty awesome and also I would have pegged it more to be a prop from The Wild Wild West , With Will Smith. It's not a bad idea although personally I will stick with my retro handset
you should hunt around for some square brass nuts,
Pretty darn cool mod.<br/><br/>BUT! It's steampunk. you need MORE BRASS!<br/>and that is easily accomplished. Swap out those machine screws for some nice shiny brass <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.thethirddimension.net/buildcomputer/build1/images/standoff.jpg">computer standoff screws</a>.<br/><br/>Also, a nice coating of shellac or clear nailpolish on the side that contacts your face... would help protect the exterior parts from human-skin induced corrosion.<br/>
<em>Also, a nice coating of shellac or clear nailpolish on the side that contacts your face... would help protect the exterior parts from human-skin induced corrosion</em>.<br/><br/>or even thin leather glued in place with contact cement.<br/>
Hi! Thanks for the tips! Really cool idea with the standoff screws!! I promise to make the next mod/thingy more "brassy"! :)
Another option on the ear wire is to cover it with cloth from an old shoe string
Actually thought of that but didn't have any shoe string nice enough... thanks though!
Do you have a picture of the pocket chain phone? That sounds down right awesome. : D
Na, no picture.. I just attached a tiny chain to the phone on the little hole used to hook up that little strap you sometime get with your phone :)
wow that looks uncomfortable. good work though!
This is amazing. Great Job!
Thanks :)

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