This is a simple bookmark for all steampunks. It shows the main parts of steampunk as a genre. Hope you enjoy!

Step 1: What You Will Need

To make a steampunk bookmark you will need a hot glue gun, glue gun sticks, gears (I purchased mine at Micheal's),ribbon of a steampunk color, (Mine is silver) and whatever other steampunk accessories you want.
<p>I found my STEAM PUNK GEARS and watch gears( TINY)</p><p>But I was unable to find a straight background.</p><p>So I stepped out of the Box, or more likely fell out of it</p><p>Rime</p>
<p>I love this instructable thank you so much</p><p>I LOVE STEAMPUNK I am working on a syringe (Glass and an USB port)</p>
Awesome! Good job!
I got the gears at micheals in the jewelry section
<p>So cool! Where did you get the gears that you used?</p>
Wow, this cool!!!
That sounds awsome! If you do I'd like to see
<p>Awesome, love how it turned out! I'd want to display it on the wall though and not just stuff it in my book! hahaha! :)</p>
Just so everyone knows i also entered in a competition with this. Best of luck to everyone else in the competition!

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