This is my first Instructable, so I apologize in advance for any omissions, typos, etc, etc, etc.* I actually found Instructables when I started looking into various steampunk projects to cobble together. One of the first projects I took a shine to (punny) was Admiral Ravensdale's Expedition Light. Horatious Steam also has something quite similar.  I decided to make something in the same vein, but hopefully my changes are unique enough to warrant your attention.

You will need:
~ A small wooden box
~ 5-6 LED lights (your choice of specs)
~ A casing for the LEDs
~ A transparent cover for the LEDs
~ Electrical wire (LEDs use so little power the gauge almost doesn't matter)
~ Paracord
~ A thin piece of wood to cover the electronic components
~ A lever switch (Radio Shack or Fry's will have what you need)
~ A piece of leather to cover up the lever switch
~ 9 volt battery
~ Resistors

~ Copper Wire/Rod for embellishments (16-14 gauge).
~ New hardware if you don't like what came with your box (I didn't).
~ Approx. 2x2 copper sheet (for "reflector" plate)
~ Sandpaper (for distressing)
~ Wood stain (for when you over-distressed and to cover any modifications to the box)

* I also apologize for the picture quality. Both of my digital cameras are being... difficult... right now, so my cell phone was the only option. thanks for understanding.

Step 1: Find a Box.

The first thing we'll do is find a suitable box (try your local craft store). You probably need an internal size of at least 2" in each direction to fit all the components, but modifications could easily be made. I didn't like the fittings mine came with, so picked up some more at the same craft store. I also wanted my box to have more of a weathered look, so I attacked it with some fine grit sandpaper. I used 400 grit simply because it was handy and I didn't need to remove much of the finish. Now, let's find the next pieces....
Interesting project that like most good instructables, spawns many new ideas and extensions on this theme of steampunk lights.
Great looking steampunk lamp, and really well documented first 'ible!&nbsp;<br> <br> One stylistic suggestion, just a minor thing... It's great that you give credit in your intro, and I always try to do the same when inspired by others. But just to make it a bit neater and easier to read, I would suggest adding a hyper link to the names of the projects (using the &quot;link&quot; tool which looks like a globe with a chain) rather than spelling out the whole url.<br> <br> Like this:&nbsp;Admiral Ravensdale's <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Expedition-Light/." rel="nofollow">Expedition Light</a><br> <br> Looking forward to seeing future projects;-)&nbsp;And welcome to the steampunk light maker's community here on Instructables;-)<br> <br>
Thanks a lot for the suggestion. It looks much cleaner now!
This is really an awesome instructible... I think the only thing you're missing is an appropriate <a href="https://www.instructables.com/file/FAD7B46H6MERDIJ" rel="nofollow">old-fashioned label</a>;-)
This is a great project. The lamp looks terrific!
WOW, thank you for naming me! This is a very nice SP project. <br> <br> <br>*make a bow* <br> <br> <br>Horatius steam
Fantastic! I like the great Steampunk look of your light &ndash; very well done!! Thanks for sharing. It will be on my Todo list&hellip; <br>Greetings from Switzerland <br>The Chocolatist <br>www.thechocolatist.com <br>
Thank you very much, sir! I'll have you know you've been quite an inspiration for me.
Cool! Can it run on whale oil?
Yes, but you have to buy the conversion kit. =P
Very well done sir! I had not seen these box lights before and being a bit of a steampunk fan they are right in line with my tastes. I will be attempting something similar in the future. Thank you for a well thought out Instructable.
I like this but you didn't put in the link when you mentioned about checking out about dishing in step 4 which would be really handy as you already know about it. I know we could search but.......
There you go. I posted a link in step 4 to another instructable concerning dishing.
Good 'ible but no pics of it in action : (
I'll try to take some pictures after work and post them up. Thanks for the kind words!
I added some extra pics of it in action. Thanks for the suggestion!
Thanks for posting I like the unique nature of your light it's fun and has a real steam punk flavor<br/>I hope you will post more projects
Absolutely! BTW, your plasma display is still one of my favorite projects.
You could've used diffused LEDs. :-)
I actually tried that, but I didn't like the outcome. It diffused the light too much, so the LEDs were obviously separate points of light... ruined the look. The whole point was to get them to blend together and seem like a single, larger point of light. That being said, I encourage other people to try diffused LEDs; they might like the effect better.
cool congrats on your first instructable

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