Step 2: The Mechanism

Not wanting to build my own clockwork motor I searched out clocks, toys and tools both old and new that held the geared motors I would need to choose from for my bristlebot. 

I eventually settled on a mechanical penguin. It was perfect! 

I carefully disassembled the tin beast and removed it's innards leaving them completely intact. 
It looks like the Mars rover. :)
A miniature version of this engine and a tiny boiler would be sweet.<br>http://npmccabe.tripod.com/coathngrengn.htm
This is more gearpunk. What it is, is awesome. I will try to make a candle engine version to &quot;steam&quot; it up.
you killed the penguin huhuhu Lol
thats really cool
Fantastic. You should draw some eyelashes on the holes in the key, and a nose in the middle.
Is that Instructables HQ? I didn't know you worked there... Great instructable, though!
It is indeed. :)
Cool. It must be pretty great working there.
You can always drop by and find out. :) Lots of nice marinas over here.
Yes there is! :D The only difficult part would be the panama canal. It twice to three times the amount of one plane ticket and in season, there is at LEAST a one to two week wait to get through. I may be going to California to visit some relatives soon so maybe (I hope!) I could stop by.
That would be awesome! If you drop by give us a short lead time and there'll be some sort of tasty baked goods!
Tasty baked goods?! All the more reason to come!
Very neat, the goggles are a GREAT touch! Did you see any other likely candidates besides the old penguin?
I did find other likely candidates. At least one ought to work if I can score a few of the right gears to speed up the drive mechanism. Finding that was what made this model the Mk1. I'll hopefully have a Mk2 soon.
cool dude! -M
Very cool

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