so i decided to make a hard case for my hi-res music player not to destroy it very quick like i always do.

this it my first try making an instruction, so i'm afraid it won't be informative enough but still


  • pieces of wood from local hobby-shop
  • copper sheets 1mm and 0.5mm thick
  • brass parts of an old zaz k-133 carburettor
  • copper wire 2mm diameter
  • black leather
  • 3mm acrylic glass


  • nothing special just
  • powerdrill with 2mm drillbit
  • knife/cutter
  • files, sandpaper, metal polish
  • 45W soldering iron

Step 1: Step 1: Wood & Copper Case

i used a piece of wood about 3mm thick for the front cover and driller out some holes for the buttons and the display

for the back i used 0.5mm copper sheet

for the on/off and volume buttons i also used small pieced of wood and attached them using rivets made of copper wire

<p>nice work</p>
<p>That looks awesome! This is a perfect way to make your stuff personal and unique.</p>

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