Steampunk Clock "firepump"





Introduction: Steampunk Clock "firepump"

This is a little project to give me a break from the 16 foot rocket camper I'm building, I found the large LED display at a secondhand store for a buck.

The construction was very simple I just used some PVC pipe and walnut vanieer, I'll explain how I got the copper finish on the steel parts in the next steps, total cost about 8. dollars.

Step 1:

This is how I found the digital display, the gear base was also found at the second hand store, as were all the basic parts
except the neon flicker flame bulb.

Use spray contact cement to attach the vanieer and fit the parts togeather as your shop skills permit.

The bulb socket is mounted to a wood dowel in the base of the unit, it is held in obviously by all those screws around the edge.

Step 2: Copper Tinting Steel and Lead Parts.

Most steel and lead (solder covered brass) can be made to look like copper if you have a tinting solution from a stained glass store.

Lightly sand steel parts and dip them in solution and wipe off excess, some times it takes two or three trys,
I did not try and refine the process on the top and lower base gear because I liked the moddled look, it you are careful a clean
finish is possible by resanding and redipping or brushing on the liquid.

The first pic is of some screws and a partial treatment of the steel grill material.

The second pic is of the hour and minute adjuster, I pulled the tape off stuck it to a piece of copper and made a plate,
the time is set by pushing a paper clip through the holes and hitting the buttons inside.

The top is made of brass but I wanted a copper look so I covered it with solder and then stained it with the copper sulfate.

Step 3: A Few More Pictures, Done...

This was a tough project to photograph because of it's weird shape I took a couple in low light to try and give
you a better feel for the finished project.



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Hi longwinters
Ia sorry to comment so
Your latest project is looking pretty cool. I like it very much and it shows your craftsmanship very well!!!
Tak a bow.
There are a lot of inspirations in it. Really great;-))))

And although I can´t rate anymore you get five stars!

Your friend from old europe
Aeon Junophor
slowly gettin´ better.....

What an awesome looking clock! Some great techniques... Well done and 5 star worthy;-)

Thank's Mr. Fist, things seem a little slow around here, or else nobody likes my latest project, in person it looks really cool, but as I look at these picks it seems a little boring.

Hey! They took away the stars in the new layout!? Oops;-)