Step 2: Pre-Construction I: Planning

Before we start chopping up and painting our clock all willy nilly, make sure you have a plan of what you are doing.

-Concept art and/or blueprints can be helpful in deciding what designs you will be making. Details are nice, but it doesn't need to be absolutely perfect (assuming you aren't a perfectionist).
-Assembling all your materials will allow you to plan how each will be used.
-Try and determine in which order you will be working. While I have provided one order (starting with the frame), there isn't really a right or wrong (in fact, I didn't even follow my order).
-Determine how you will be assembling everything.

I have included a rough sketch of my plans for the clock. After scanning my sketch, I added some brief guidelines on how the face will be assembled. Note that I use abbreviations in my drawings.
this is awesome
Love the lighting!
That's a well-documented project, and a cool clock to boot!<br>

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