Step 3: Pre-Construction II: Repairing Your Mechanism

You may never need this step; however, it is here should you be in need.

With cheap parts comes easy breakage. But don't lose hope! Your clock mechanism can be repaired!

The most common thing to occur is the pin will come out of the mechanism. However, all that is broken is the arrangement of the gears; Let's open this baby up! You can do this by using the small latches on either side of the mechanism (see pic).

When you open your mechanism, you will find 3 gears: a small transparent gear, a small white gear and a large white gear. All of these parts are important should you want to keep this clock functioning. It is recommended you keep a battery in the mechanism, so that you can test the parts.

The pin is the first thing to be reattached. Push the indented side of the pin into the smaller white gear, at the smooth end. You can now attach this gear pin first, into the center of the mechanism (see pics).

The next gear to go in is the small translucent gear. It can be placed to the left of the pin gear. Make sure that the gear side is facing downwards. The small pin on the end will fit into the small hole in the mechanism (see pic).

Lastly, attach the big gear into the hole on the right. As the gear side is the only side long enough to fit properly, place it carefully into the hole. You may notice your parts aren't working currently. Until you close the mechanism, none of your parts will be balanced and able to turn. When you are done, close it up, and your mechanism should function properly!

It is important to note that with constant disassembly, it becomes increasingly easy to break your mechanism. The best way to deal with this is to only disassemble ONCE! Set it aside, and don't touch it until you're done! (Although worst case scenario, that's why you have a second clock!)
this is awesome
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That's a well-documented project, and a cool clock to boot!<br>

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