Steampunk Coffee Maker




Introduction: Steampunk Coffee Maker

Based this build off of a Miss Betsy build, using scavenged parts listed below from Goodwill.  Turned out great, and made some pretty darn good cuppa as well.
A discarded Mr Coffee
Old wooden silver flatware chest. (Had the added benefit of having a storage drawer included below)
A brass 'pasta' can for the water reservoir (Great find from a local consignment store)
Various brass pipe and fittings

The difficult parts of this build were the soldering of a connector onto the water reservoir and the one way (check) valve.  It took a few times to get a good seal for the reservoir bottom, but the check valve in this model was integrated into the plastic of the donor pot.  I ended up fashioning a inline check valve using the original placed inside some vinyl tubing.  With lessons learned from this build, I could probably duplicate another in a couple hours, but the learning process with this one took most of a day.



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