Picture of Steampunk Costume

Ok, so their are already plenty of Steampunk inspired outfits and accessories and Instructables out there. But I decided why not make my own as a way to document my hard work and this way people looking in can see all the steps it takes to make a full costume all in one place. I have looked at a ton of Instructables on this topic to work on my outfit, so as I work on steps that were inspired by other Instructables I will give the appropriate links!
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Step 1: Decisions, decisions

Picture of Decisions, decisions
This step can be done in many ways. Take a look online on Google images or look at all the interesting Instructables, or hey, why not even sketch up your own ideas. Basically this step is for you to plan out how you want your outfit/costume to look. I looked online a million times doing Google searches on "Steampunk Fashion", "Steampunk clothing", "Steampunk tops", "Steampunk skirts". Honestly, I really did not know exactly what I wanted other then that I wanted a skirt and an under bust corset. But I did not really know what else or what type of skirt. Long, short? After enough searching, I decided to take all the elements of the outfits I liked online and sketch out my own design.

Step 2: Time to Begin

So you have your design or ideas now. Well guess what? It is time to begin turning your idea into a reality.

If you plan on doing everything all at once, it is a good idea to get all the materials you think you may need now.
However if you plan on doing different parts of your outfits at different times, then gather your materials as needed.
Also, check your closet before starting anything. You never know what you may find that replicates what you are looking for!
victordoes5 months ago

Great job! :)

Elvis Arg2 years ago
Wow.. so cute!
Oh, wow! Thanks! I didn't exactly follow your directions, but you totally inspired the cheapest corset I've ever made! I never thought of repurposing a cheapy one with new fabric. (Instead of cutting out a new one, I just duct taped the fabric over it... lazy version, but it worked.) $10 corset= happiness!
Super awesome! Totally gonna make this! :)
kretzlord3 years ago
awesome outfit!
sailormoon22491 (author)  kretzlord3 years ago
Thank you!! I worked so hard on it and i am so excited about the outcome. i am so glade u and everyone else thinks its as awsome as i think it is! <3
now you just need some fold-out wings of epicness!!!
veeguy3 years ago
I'd give you candy, little girl!
sailormoon22491 (author)  veeguy3 years ago
haha thats kinda creepy, but i like candy so its all good. but only if its reese's!
Deth3 years ago
Very cool costume and detailed ible. :)
sailormoon22491 (author)  Deth3 years ago
Thank you, it was a lot of fun to make the costume, and just as much fun documenting it for everyone!
uptight3 years ago
shure that you need a cute, stylish and pretty model to complete this costume
fadeddeath3 years ago
Nice work!
On a side note, "Representing Long Island FTW!"
sailormoon22491 (author)  fadeddeath3 years ago
Hmmm how did you know I was from Long island? lol
Could I possible be a little stalkerish. . . Just Kidding!!!
The Sea Wolves shirt gave it away.
I used to be a student at SBU I decided I didn't want to major in anything they had to offer. That was back in 2003-2005 though.
sailormoon22491 (author)  fadeddeath3 years ago
OH HAHAHAHA That makes a lot of sense. That didnt even cross my mind as a way of figuring out that I lived on long island. I thought maybe somewhere on my profile it said long island new york or somthing lol

What major did you want that they didnt have?
When I started there I was going for Computer Science but it was a little too dry for me. Then I switched to Geology but couldn't see myself staring at rocks for the rest of my life. Astronomy was next but staring up at the sky was starting to hurt my neck. I tried an Anthropology / Sociology combo but didn't like either. Lastly I went the American History route but figured outside of teaching there isn't much to do with that one. That was 4 semesters but at least I managed to meet all of the DEC requirements for just about anything and most of those credits transferred with me.

I said screw it and went to Briarcliffe in Patchogue and ended up getting a degree in Networking and Internet Technology, my original love. I though Computer Science would be fun at SBU but it was all programming and none of the fun stuff.