Step 6: Jewelry

In this step I created a few pieces of jewelry.

Lace ribbon
Faux Leather

Steps for making Choker:

1. Measure around your neck. If you want a tight choker, like mine, make careful measurements and add 1in just in case. (it can always be cut off later!)

2. Cut the faux leather and the lace according to your measurements. Again add 1in! I made the mistake the first time of making it exact and after making my cuts and testing the cuts it ended up being to small to go around my neck and I had to cut new fabric and lace ribbon.

3. Next, hot glue the ribbon to the middle of the leather. I am unaware if you can sew the lace ribbon, but if you know that you can feel free to sew the ribbon to your fabric if you dont wish to hot glue it.

4. (optional) In this step I painted my shiny silver gears a few colors to get an idea of the color I want for my necklace. You may skip this step if you already have your details planned out.

5. Hot glue your gears or decorations on the choker as you see fitting.

6. If you wish to decorate like mine, next, decide how much of the chain you want to drape over your neck.

7. Now hot glue one end of the chain under the right gear and the other end under the middle gear. Repeat on the left side.

8. Finally, attach your key to the chain and hot glue the chain under the middle gear.

9. For closure, you can do a few ways. For one time use, you can hot glue the choker ends together once its on you. You can also add velcro to the two ends, make a fancy clasp/closure if you have the proper materials, or simply cut a slit in the ends and use some extra fabric or ribbon to tie it closed in the back.