Step 8: Gun

This step took a lot longer then I thought it would, but it was fun!

Nerf gun (I used a Nerf Recon CS6)
Paint Brushes or Q-tips
Screw Driver.


1. Start by taking the gun apart. This is important because if you spray paint the gun while it is together you may spray paint some pieces and make them stick.

2. I would suggest taking a picture of the insides be4 removing everything. If you don't it could cause a headache later. I had to search the internet to figure out how everything goes back together!

3. Next take the body pieces and spray paint them with a base coat.

4. From here on out, its painting or spray painting the gun as desired. Go with metal colors like silvers, coppers, bronzes. And have fun with it! You can design your own color schemes like I did or look online and copy other peoples designs. Their is a lot of inspiration online.

5. Let everything dry. Work on different pieces or parts of your outfit, or do what I did and get food ^.^

6. Now that everything is dry, and it has to be thoroughly dried-not tacky, you can start putting it back together. Reference your picture from the beginning. If that does not help, do a Google search for "how to put (your Nerf gun name) together." There are video tutorials out there because people tend to mod the insides of the guns to make them perform better.
Here's a great Youtube video I used if you have the same gun as me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAHWIhJ05GY