Remember as a kid when you had a tough decision to make so you consulted a "Magic 8 Ball?"  Well, here is a steampunk version of that... Just as a question that can be answered either with a "Yes or No" about your future and the machine will help guide you on your way.  You can ask a question about your potential for "Success" meaning financial, career, fame, etc. or about Love & Romance / relationships, etc., or questions just about self, meaning simple questions like should I take a bath or a shower today.

On this machine you turn on the power, select the type of question you want the machine to answer and the light changes to match - Blue is a "self" question, Green for "Success", and red for "Love."

Let's get started...

Early 20th Century telephone ringer box - $15 on eBay.
Clear glass power pole insulator = $3 at antique store
3 - position selector switch - $3 eBay
2 - Momentary pushbuttons - Radio Shack - $3 each
12 VDC power supply - Free from surplus cordless phone
Togge switch 120vac  - RadioShack $3
120 VAC power ON light indicator
12 vdc motor-  $8 eBay
Terminal strip - $3 Menards
(2) - 12 vdc Pull type solenoids - $4 & $8 each  ebay
RGB - 3 color Hi Intensity LEDs - $10 for 10
Copper plate - surplus flashing
Telephone plug - Male & female connectors - $5

Step 1:

Ok, so start by gutting out all the components in your ringer box.  Then clean up the box with some light thinner, and refinish.  I used a tung oil followed by a coat of canuba wax.

Save the internals, you never know what you might use them for on a later project.
Great look, I gotta learn how to do quality metal etching. <br/>I looked through your stuff and thought why aren't I following this guy
Great looking build! But how could you possibly have decided to make such a thing without already having a Steampunk Decision Making Machine? Did you use a Time Machine or just consult with a Magic 8 Ball first?;-)
I dropped the Magic 8 ball and got the ink all over the floor when it shattered. The answer then became obvious - I needed another!
Nice! I LOVE collecting those glass telephone insulators! My grandma got me started last year! :D <br>Love the idea of not needing to decide if you're going to shower or not!
No - you didn't read that right... it say to shower OR take a bath. Not to go dirty! LOL
That is awesome! I love your steampunk ibles!
Thanks! I get these ideas in my head and they just have to come out!
Cool. Good job. I like the Steampunk look. Thanks for posting.
this is wonderful.
Excellent instructable! It'd be good if you put in the link to your other instructable explaining about LEDs and voltage drop.
Ok thanks, I just did. I explain it better on my Star Wars Maquette stand project and I added the link. Thanks!
you're welcome

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