Steamjunk Doorstop





Introduction: Steamjunk Doorstop

Step 1: Materials

watch gears (I got mine off ebay)
a doorstop

Step 2: Fix Doorstop

Only if yours is broken to start with. Mine was.

Step 3: Sugru It Up

This took me 2 packets of sugru. You should do a prettier/better job of smoothing the sugru than I did.

Step 4: Make Patterns If You Want To

Rolling a gear through the sugru looked like fun, so I did it.
If you thought about it beforehand, though, you could actually press in a quite pretty design. Let me know if you do!

Step 5: Press on Gears

Pick a few that look good together, and just stick 'em on! Press in, but not enough to cover the gears with sugru.

Step 6: Hey Presto!

A day later, your stylish new doorstop is ready to use!



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    hey, this is awesome :) How is it holding up ?

    Still working! I'm very pleased with it. My only complaint is that after the first couple of uses, the top looks a little scratched up.

    This isn't steampunk, but more 'trashpunk' or 'steamjunk' - not meaning to insult you; those are really names of this style.

    Steampunk is all about Victorian era elegance, not throwing gears and weathered looks on any old thing.

    How about junkpunk?

    lol, I've never seen/heard it called junkpunk before, but it would seem just as accurate as steamjunk or trashpunk...