Step 1: Materials

watch gears (I got mine off ebay)
a doorstop

Step 2: Fix Doorstop

Only if yours is broken to start with. Mine was.

Step 3: Sugru It Up

This took me 2 packets of sugru. You should do a prettier/better job of smoothing the sugru than I did.

Step 4: Make Patterns If You Want To

Rolling a gear through the sugru looked like fun, so I did it.
If you thought about it beforehand, though, you could actually press in a quite pretty design. Let me know if you do!

Step 5: Press on Gears

Pick a few that look good together, and just stick 'em on! Press in, but not enough to cover the gears with sugru.

Step 6: Hey Presto!

A day later, your stylish new doorstop is ready to use!
hey, this is awesome :) How is it holding up ?<br>James
Still working! I'm very pleased with it. My only complaint is that after the first couple of uses, the top looks a little scratched up.
This isn't steampunk, but more 'trashpunk' or 'steamjunk' - not meaning to insult you; those are really names of this style.<br><br>Steampunk is all about Victorian era elegance, not throwing gears and weathered looks on any old thing.
How about junkpunk?
lol, I've never seen/heard it called junkpunk before, but it would seem just as accurate as steamjunk or trashpunk...
I love having this in our room :)

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