Step 8: The final step.

Ok finally, now we have this nice black coat, we want to 'dry brush' it with a gold or copper paint,

Make sure you get a really dry brush, dab a bit of paint, then little kinda brush it onto the gun. Repeat depending on the strength and coverage.

I finally added a couple of bits of silver foil tape to the stock, to add a bit more.

And thats it, find the final shots below.

Let me know what you think.

syn1232 years ago
Off the hook this rifle is so cool
sirjimjam4 years ago
This is quite possibly the coolest thing i have ever seen.
Farrelbark4 years ago
This is awesome!!!! 8D
I totally can see this on the market!
Speaking of which, what would've made this even moreso better would be an engraved or embossed phony brand name on the side of it somewhere.

Like "Jacobs"!
Neovenetar5 years ago
would this actually work if you made a spring mechanism in between the two rails?
gmjhowe (author)  Neovenetar5 years ago
It could be turned into a sort of spring powered catapult by doing that yes, I had thought to make it fire coins down the rails.
i was more thinking slingshot ammo, kinda like a railgun.
PastTheVoid5 years ago
If I had more thumbs I'd give you more thumbs' up.
greenowl5 years ago
Really beautiful!!! Extremely creative and meticulous.... and it paid off. Sweet piece!!!
gmjhowe (author)  greenowl5 years ago
Thank you!
zoryol6 years ago
gmjhowe (author)  zoryol6 years ago
errr... you might want to add a blaze orange tip just in case you ever take it in public and some cops see you.
chinnerz6 years ago
aww i got to the last step and realised that it does not shoot anything :( But still looks heaps good... 5 stars in fact the awesomeness of this gun inspired me to make my air rifle actually look like a rifle..
REA chinnerz6 years ago
how does it look?
chinnerz REA6 years ago
lol.... umm, not good. :) here is the link >
its bigger than i first though it was going to be, almost as big as me XD
im yet to paint it, im thinking urban cammo...
yeah its strong but horribly in accurate.... im thinking about starting from scratch and making another one.
REA chinnerz6 years ago
the concept reminds me of an old bold-action world war 1 rifle.
chinnerz REA6 years ago
yeah, was going to make it look like this one, but it would have taken me a long long time, and this being my first it was bount to have some defects... and rly ww1 ? i have been told it looks like a ww2 sniper... well what ever it is i less than three it :)
tieguy6 years ago
This gun designed left handed by chance?
BleacheDInK6 years ago
This is too cool, really want to make one of these! Looking forward to your sword project!
gmjhowe (author)  BleacheDInK6 years ago
thanks! The sword did get put on a bit of a back burner for my challenge with Fungus Amungus, but its on my list again now!
Awesome, looking forward to it! _
=0 HOLY CRAP. this is amazing!!! excellent work, 5 stars
gmjhowe (author)  firebird116927 years ago
thanks! im glad you like it!!!
MIKLO7 years ago
Very nice, a true craftsman and this sure isn't some easy project. Can't wait to see what's next....... 5stars or 2thumbs up....... Miklo
tstiles7 years ago
WOW! Amazing work. It looks great and is really inspiring to build - if I only had the time/patience. Again, kudos on an excellent project and piece. Watch out for those Mercury blasts, they sting! >t.