Steampunk Egg





Introduction: Steampunk Egg

Why? So the chicken can get out, of course.

... And I have an hour or so of spare time on Tuesday afternoons... :-)
It was hard to get good angles on the inside of this without funky shadows, but I got a few decent shots.

So here's the story:

In the mid 1800's, with the discovery of the boneless-skinless chicken, came a huge obstacle for chicken breeders. The problem was of course the shell-less eggs. So, like most of time when something is in the way of a new invention being economically viable, a solution was made. This contraption was steam powered and would keep the eggs warm, and then pop open after a certain number of weeks when the chicken was mature enough to survive outside its egg and move into a bucket. Shortly after the invention of this contraption the technology took off, like it tends to do, and all modern boneless-chicken breeding methods are based off this original design.

Obviously needs more work... Needs more gears and things. But I thought I'd post it as it is right now, since it may be a while before I get a chance to improve it.





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I must say, this is a fascinating concept, but I must also ask... how does the hatch open without the "boneless-skinless chicken" getting caught in the teeth of the gears?

I agree! This is so cool!

yes, please give us an instructable, I want to make one of these.

normaly when i make somthing like this and peple ask why? i say cuz its so cool!

Yes it is cool! Mind putting up a video on how u got it to work (or if you have one send it to me plz)

neat, but is that a fake egg if so how did you make it?