Picture of Steampunk Finger Stylus

My 3rd steampunk. Inspired by robbtoberfest's instructable.
Kiteman4 years ago
Will it work on capacitive screens, like iDevices?
pwnag3 Kiteman3 years ago
if you make a conductive path between ur finger, and the tip, it SHOULD
prosper58 (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
I'm not sure if it would work on a capacitive screen by itself, but I am pretty sure you can mod it to be a capacitive stylus. Here's a good video showing how to make capacitive stylus pens.
ifylus3 years ago
Or you could just use this product:
Dumchicken3 years ago
awesome pony avatar(ps i'm a boy)
prosper58 (author)  Dumchicken3 years ago
Thanks, and so am I.
look at the pony i drew with the finger stylus after haking it with a infered l.e.d.
weld and fix.bmp
ps it exploded
prosper58 (author)  Dumchicken3 years ago
wanna see a picture of the remanes?
Mystillate4 years ago
Is the copper wire attached with hot glue?
prosper58 (author)  Mystillate4 years ago
Yeah, haha. I don't really have anything else to use.