Step 3: Paint and Hot Glue Extra Stuff

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Steampunk Stylus
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Getting a sense of Steampunk style takes a little intuition and internet browsing for ideas. Steam water tanks, brass, copper, rivets, hoses, gears, adjustment screws, leather, and levers come to mind when I think of this design style.
I spray painted a base coat of silver onto the stylus; then I added some gold Victorian style picture frame stickers from the hobby store sticker section. Finally, with hot glue I added some circuit board components and a brass screw.
LNaboo3 years ago
I wish I'd had one of these back when I had a Palm Pilot!! But really great for steampunk accents so thanks for that!
bhuidhe5 years ago
I may need to make one of these but I also wanted to say to those making it out of metal, maybe there is a way to add something to the edge so that it doesn't harm a touch screen. There is this stuff you dip handles of tools into to make them more grippy and it really holds on, you could paint some of that on the edge as a buffer of liquid plastic.
I was just thinking about using some copper pipe for one, and just painting the tip in some kind of hot glue, or resin? Perhaps paint the whole outside so it doesn't look out of place. Will look into the tool handle coat too.
robbtoberfest (author)  Sheather4 years ago
Heating the copper with a torch should age it nice.
jrlggrits4 years ago
Very cool and easy! Thanks for sharing
time to make some finger picks for my guitar
Dayum! That's a sweet idea!
Cool i is gona bild one
hardlec5 years ago
After a little time has passed:  How well is this holding up?

Also:  Would/does it work on the tiny keys on many qwerty phone keyboards?
robbtoberfest (author)  hardlec5 years ago
 This one I made I use at the desk and it holds up fine, for ones I use out in the field I don't even paint those. It's probably too light to push those little qwerty buttons.
you could use this as a fountain pen for your finger
Achan205 years ago
ok this isreally cool. but what kind of spraypaint did u use. cause some dont stick well to plastic. thanks. :)
robbtoberfest (author)  Achan205 years ago
 I didn't use anything specific. I think some spray paints are labeled specifically for plastics nowadays.
k. thanks. im looking to do something like this only with metal. and yes i no not to use it on any touch screen. lol
catboo226 years ago
i use my finger pick for my bass on my touch screen fone
skribb6 years ago
This is nothing short of incredible. I *am* steampunk, and this lil gadget incorporates everything that steampunk is - DIY spirit, function, and aesthetics. Truly marvelous. I think I'd make the screw a little smaller myself, but it's awesome nonetheless. Good job!
myrrhmaid6 years ago
I like it! I want to make one now too! Thanks for the inspiration!
Kava6 years ago
This IS a very cool springboard project! Now I want to fabricate one from copper or brass for a better heft and longer life. Perhaps that will be my task over the long weekend. Thanks for the inspiration!
caityjay6 years ago
That is incredibly wicked. I'm totally making one for my friend for his DS (and then one for me for my DS, and maybe a cute, Japanese-styled one for my other friend for her DS (because she'll be using it as a kanji dictionary when she goes to Japan), and maybe a Zelda one for my other friend... The possibilities are endless! Thanks for this awesome idea!
quinnisfat6 years ago
i wonder if i could add a small ink reservoir to this......
It shouldn't be too hard. Try incorporating it into a glove-type idea.
Please do it!
Ethgar6 years ago
Thats actually quite interesting I might have to make a few, I loose my stylus' quite often. I'll probably end up making it steampunk as well.
I think I just found a way to kill some time tomorrow.
Look's like I've got something to do this weekend.
dragonflii7 years ago
This is awesome! I can't wait to make one for my boyfriend!
r3db0x7 years ago
Hey, this is great. Simple and needed. Little details like the photo frame stickers make the piece, and little details like this piece make the costume. Thanks much!
zako7 years ago
very cool, looks metal, i might make one now, look really easy +1 vote!