Hey there! I'm Michelle, and I'm going to take you though the creation of this mask. If you like, you can make your own or something similar. I don't expect that everyone is going to want something exactly the same, so feel free to use this as a jumping off point, or even make one that is the same if you really want. This is my first instructable, so go easy on me, and constructive criticism is always welcomed. Please, read the whole thing before you start. It will make your life easier. And remember, ratings and comments make me smile.

Alright, let's have some fun!

Step 1: Stuff You'll Need.

Here's what you'll need to make a mask just like mine, Again, if you have an idea, feel free to substitute.

  • A gas mask
  • Enough leather to cover the rubber of the gas mask
  • Craft fur
  • Decorative Aluminum Sheet
  • Hot Glue
  • Brass Spray Paint
Not Pictured:
  • Two Narrow Leather Belts (Goodwill finds, because they're getting cut up)
  • 2 Sets of choker clasps
  • Clear coat of spray paint
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Black Soot and Rusty Hinge Distress Ink

And, of course, you're going to need tools to do this:
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • very sharp x-acto knife
  • very sharp scissors
  • sandpaper
  • ruler
  • tin snips
  • paint brushes
  • Dremel with sanding wheel.
<p>looks like it belongs on a halo grunt</p>
This is great!!! I have an old painters mask that was discontinued. Now i know what to do with it..... And about the hair issue, (ponytail) Its just the nature of the beast to have to have the hair up,
i really like this mask and i want to make one for halloween and i want to know where can you get that kind of gas mask, and how much?
If you have any military surplus stores around you They may have a few but chances are those will be pricey. I'd try the hardware store for a painters respirator like this <br> <br>http://www.homedepot.com/webapp/catalog/servlet/Search?storeId=10051&amp;langId=-1&amp;catalogId=10053&amp;keyword=respirator&amp;Ns=None&amp;Ntpr=1&amp;Ntpc=1&amp;selectedCatgry=SEARCH+ALL
I'm honestly not quite sure where you could get one new. I might try a hardware store or even Amazon. I picked mine up at an estate sale for $8.
ok thank you very much
They should know it as a dual cartridge respirator if anyone gives you funny looks when you ask about a gas mask.
Where did u get the aluminum sheet? I went to Michaels (Well known Arts &amp; Craft store) and they didn't have some.
I actually got it at Lowes Home Improvement. I've been a little disappointed with Michaels as of late...
Add a picture of it being worn? i love this. great job.
Sure! Just have to take one. Thanks!
Some really old gasmask filters may have asbestos in them, which can be dangerous. Though i think that most modern ones don't. I'm not sure on this, but i thought that i should mention it just in case. <br>
Thanks for the info. I wasn't aware of that.
Thank you so much. I searched for such a how-to report for a long time!
No problem. :)
really cool and all but it kinda looks like a Christmas decoration still cool and everything<br>
i guess you could use a painters filter mask as the base
Is the gas mask still functioning? It looks great!
Regrettably, no. In order to make it as light as possible I cut out the contents of the filters, but realistically you could just leave them alone and it would.
Cool, thanks!
This is so cool! Really Creative!
wow thats really nice, i have been wanting to try and make some cyber-punk looking gas masks, but didn't know where to start so thanks
No problem. :)

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