Picture of Steampunk Geocaching
I recently published an instructable for creating a working 'Steampunk Compass' .

Starting off with this build its very easy to extend it and create a device that instead of pointing north will point to any programmed coordinate. Something that can always point you towards home, or to a geocache.
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Step 1: The parts.

In addition to the parts layed out in the 'Steampunk Compass' instructable you will only need the following;

EM-406A GPS Module

Step 2: The build.

Picture of The build.
Follow the build for the 'Steampunk Compass' . The ony additional step is to connect up the GPS module.

Either wire it up directly; http://wiring.org.co/learning/libraries/basicpositioning.html
Or spash out and get a shield; http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10102

Step 3: The source.

As with everything in this instruction the souce is an extention of that in the 'Steampunk Compass' instructable.

Using the TinyGPS library your current position is taken and the direction to the final location is calculated. Taking the compass direction of the box away from this direction gives you the required heading, and this is whats displayed via the servo.

Your final destination is specified in the attached code;

#define DESTINATION_LATITUDE ( 37.916553f * DEG_TO_RAD ) // destination imitos
#define DESTINATION_LONGITUDE ( 23.815278f * DEG_TO_RAD ) // destination imitis
videoschmideo made it!1 year ago

Turned this into a wedding present for my sister and her husband—the box always points towards the park where they got engaged (Tompkin Sq. dog park in NYC). I had to tweak the code somewhat to get it running, but would never have been able to pull the project off without this Instructable. Thanks a million for posting!

Sir, you are a genious. This project will be made.
mvanderdeen2 years ago
u shud totaly make it in a similar case to that of cpt jack sparrows compass from pirates of the caribean it would still be steampunk just a differant kind
Mycophiles4 years ago
Have everything bought and will be involved in making this. (micro-center has best prices for anyone interested.)

And will be looking into putting a pad on it somewhere for multiple geo-caching excursions along with a read-out somewhere.

This is my first arduino project but am semi-fluent in c++. Any help appreciated.

Ghost Wolf4 years ago
Creative way of finding stashes!
NatNoBrains4 years ago
Nice idea! Not into this kinda stuff but original :)