I recently published an instructable for creating a working 'Steampunk Compass' .

Starting off with this build its very easy to extend it and create a device that instead of pointing north will point to any programmed coordinate. Something that can always point you towards home, or to a geocache.

Step 1: The Parts.

In addition to the parts layed out in the 'Steampunk Compass' instructable you will only need the following;

EM-406A GPS Module

<p>Turned this into a wedding present for my sister and her husband&mdash;the box always points towards the park where they got engaged (Tompkin Sq. dog park in NYC). I had to tweak the code somewhat to get it running, but would never have been able to pull the project off without this Instructable. Thanks a million for posting! </p>
Sir, you are a genious. This project will be made.
u shud totaly make it in a similar case to that of cpt jack sparrows compass from pirates of the caribean it would still be steampunk just a differant kind
Have everything bought and will be involved in making this. (micro-center has best prices for anyone interested.)<br><br>And will be looking into putting a pad on it somewhere for multiple geo-caching excursions along with a read-out somewhere.<br><br>This is my first arduino project but am semi-fluent in c++. Any help appreciated.<br><br>:)
Creative way of finding stashes!
Nice idea! Not into this kinda stuff but original :)

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