Picture of Steampunk Geodesic Terrarium
My name is Jacob Siler, and I'm currently co-founding a game development company through crowd funding. We're working on our first game, named Sky Bridge! It will be a massive online Steampunk universe -- quite unlike any game currently on the market. For more on the company (and the game) please stop by our facebook page at facebook.com/skybridgemmo and help out on our funding campaign if you choose. Now to show you one of the Steampunk items I've built with my hands.

Around mid-October I got news of a steampunk/Shakespeare-themed Halloween party being planned at the local University. It was put on by a student organization, and they needed decorations for the celebration. I decided to pitch in something that I would enjoy planning and building -- the hope was that it would add the ambiance of some mad-scientist steampunkery to the room.

The general idea was to design something that Shakespeare would have in his office were he a steampunk mad-scientist.
I have a thing for geodesic shapes so the idea came to make a geodesic terrarium to go in the room. It was to be a dome originally.
I wanted to add fairies to the terrarium alongside the mystical vegetation.
Then some costumes my sister and friend were looking into inspired me to make the fairies from A Midsummer Night's Dream as a central theme of the terrarium.

Eventually I couldn't help myself and I chose to make it a complete geodesic sphere, whith sculpted clay fairies and light effects all over the inside landscape.

I am sure that the Bard would be proud to have the fairy cast of A Midsummer Night's Dream  in his laboratory terrarium -- assuming, of course, that he were mad, a scientist, steampunk, and also pleased himself by keeping fairies stuck in a sweet geodesic display.
I can see it being a subject for an intirely different play.

In any case I hope you enjoy the instructable, and can take something useful from it for your builds.


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