I know everyone does steampunk, but here's another one! :) It only took me about 2 hours to do this and that is with a four year old determined to help!

All you will need is:

1. fabric (I used a skirt I  bought from goodwill) under $4
2. hot glue gun
3. pair of 70's disco glasses from a costume store or whatever you choose to use for the lenses. under $2 from Party City.
4. belt buckle. about $4 from joanns, but could come from anywhere...an old purse, old belt, etc.
5. doo-dads! I bought a  huge bad of gears and some eyelets from Michaels for $3 each, and had some scrap-booking brads from forever ago, but also about $3.
6. scissors.
7. paper towel roll or toilet paper roll.

note: the saw in the back was for an unrelated (and actually failed) project....just ignore! :)

Step 1: Destroying Glasses and Shaping Your Goggles

Step One:

You need to detach the part of the frame that hooks over your ear...sorry, I have no freaking clue what to call that part! :) I simply unscrewed mine,but it may simply depend on your glasses.

I left the center piece for stability as well as aesthetics!

Step two:

Now for the annoying part; cutting the paper towel roll to fit. It's not particularly difficult, but I am somewhat of a perfectionist and getting two the same size was a little frustrating.

My approach was to cut the first one to a general, although larger size and then slowly cut it down until it felt right. Then tracing it and cutting out the other side.
Note: they will not fit all the way around the rim of the glasses, but that's all right. I also cut a little triangle for the little lip where the screws used to be to make it fit nice and snug.

The part of the frame that goes over your ear is called a bow :) <br>
I honestly would never have guessed that, even if it had been a multiple choice question! :) thank you!!

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