Picture of Steampunk - Goggles (Howto)
airships, steam engines and gears wherever you look.
impressive machines and small mechanical marvels.
assembled by inventors with strange goggles on.
googles through which they see the world with other eyes.

Here we go:
What kind of glasses we need?

The glasses should have interchangeable lenses.
The glasses should not be too overweight.
The glasses should be completely disassembled into individual parts.
The glasses should fit perfect.
The glasses should be worn with a belt, or just as a glasses.

what we do not want is a toilet paper roll solution.
no carnival glasses which disintegrates after a few days.
By that I mean, the glasses should be stable and looking noble.
As if it comes from the steampunk dimension itself.

As an inventor I collect many things.
I had to look too long in the basement until I found something suitable.
I discovered a coffee cup made of brass.
The perfect source material.

So here we go..
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Step 1: Building the base

Picture of Building the base
Cut a metal (or brass) cup into two parts without damaging the handle.
Bending the cup until it has the form of a glasses.
Grind and polish the cup until it shines and is as thin as possible.
As I have just drawn in the picture below.

Step 2: Prepare ear pieces

Picture of prepare ear pieces
You need an old glasses with two iron rods on each sidepiece

My Modell: stereo5 - Neostyle (sounds good)
Saw the glasses in 3 parts, keep the sidepieces.
Add screw terminals. that you find in strip connectors.

Step 3: Goggels cover

Picture of Goggels cover
The lenses are fixed with screws. so that the lenses do not scratch the glasses we need a protective coating
we now add a leather holder.

As a good inventor should be able to deal with needle and thread.

Step 4: Mount earpieces

Picture of Mount earpieces
to mount the bracket I've found a perfect solution.
rods from a key fob.
The parts you can also bend out any solid wire.
Another leather strip must be sewn to the holder,
with the same distance as the wires of the temples.

As shown in the photos, strip connectors must be screwed to the 4 wires.
peyton143 years ago
I cant find steam punk gogles that i can make(imi n middle school!)
JBZG3 years ago
Very good work. I think that you should make about 3 sets of goggles and incorporate aspects from this set...not a criticism perse, but there appears to be too much going on with this one set...
Top notch work though, old chap!
zazenergy4 years ago
Neat steampunk goggles ... at least I presume that's why you mean from you headline :D
MurphyHarris (author)  zazenergy3 years ago
ohelite14 years ago
Very creative. I really like those
MurphyHarris (author)  ohelite13 years ago