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Introduction: Steampunk Guitar

Bought a beat up California guitar for $25 and walla steam punk project.
Sanded all the chrome to expose the copper layer, then painted some copper pcs, as well as added a few extras from my goody box.
Cut the base in a few spots to add some pipes and give it a better steam look, Enjoy.



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    I can't remember but I probably didn't. Prob look cooler if it tarnished a bit and was polished lol

    Hey, Can you please tell me what method you used to sand the chrome down to copper? Also, is it possible to sand through the copper layer. I'm wanting to do this to my guitar...

    Hi thanks for the question. If I remember it was like a 400 grit wet sand paper. If you want to go beyond the copper and it's probably a thin layer try 320 grit. Have a great week, hope it turns out awesome for you. Cheers!

    Nah, I love the copper look, so I'd like to keep it. Mine is apparently plated in Nickel. 200 grit was even taking me FOREVER so I switched to a dremel tool with a 150 grit wheel on it. That did it. Is nickel usually harder, or might my plating just be thicker? It is a $400 guitar vs the $20 job in your pics. Any advice?

    The firemen might leave a lot of groves. Just good ole hand sanding should do it start with the coarse and then go over it with the finer grit to remove the heavy scratches.

    Dremel. Stupid spell check lol

    Hello again, quick question, did you put any kind of lacquer on the hardware that you sanded to keep the copper from oxidation?

    Yea, it did, lol. Had to take some copper off to smooth it, but I've only done the trem bar so far. I'm okay with it looking more "weathered" anyway. THANKS!

    Amazing thanks man