Bought a beat up California guitar for $25 and walla steam punk project.
Sanded all the chrome to expose the copper layer, then painted some copper pcs, as well as added a few extras from my goody box.
Cut the base in a few spots to add some pipes and give it a better steam look, Enjoy.
ben_c_g11 months ago
Amazing thanks man
nerd74732 years ago
1 word epic
mdlmusic2 years ago
Looks cool, but that refrigerator handle will make it tough to play.
w.bartlett (author) 2 years ago
Hello thanks for the reply. Ya needs strings only had three when I picked it up, the jack socket is just covered by the copper pipe, had an old adapter that went from the mini to the large guitar one so i just stuck it into the pipe and it plugs in the jack socket, And yes the end of 308 cartridges in the neck hope it sounds good but will have to wait until my rocks tar kid shows up and plays it, Lol
MikB2 years ago
Looks great, but how does it sound? Aaah. No strings! No jack socket!

What are the fret-dots, press studs, or the blunt end of a bullet/cartridge? :)