Steampunk Heart Necklace!





Introduction: Steampunk Heart Necklace!

Jewelry Contest 2017

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Jewelry Contest 2017

Today I'm going to teach you how to make a steampunk necklace with a heart shape:

Step 1: Cut the Sheets on Wood

To begin cut the previously drawn templates in a not very thick wood, for this use a bank saw.

Step 2: The Aluminum Can

Then I removed the paint from a can, and used a small saw to open the can.

Step 3: Cut the Sheets

Now with a sharpie marker draw the template on the sheet and cut it with scissors.

Step 4: Lateral Sheets and Assembly

Having all the pieces of aluminum and wood cut and polished, I proceeded to assemble the sides.

Step 5: The Gears

With a few small gears try to get an old finish by polishing them just a little.

Having done this I proceeded to put them in place, and nailed the covers in place.

Step 6: The Nails

With small steel nails, very carefully hammer the insoles in place to finish the job.

Step 7: Finish!

And that's how the work ended, I hope you liked it.




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    I enjoyed that, some great ideas in a short project

    I saw it in real life and it looks awesome!!!

    Good work dud, my vote it's yours

    How do you create and connect the sides of the pendant? I may have missed that part...

    It's just a screw on a little meta sheet..

    Voted you dude!