It was inspired by attributes of secret communities, and has made this ceremonial stock in steampunk - style.
Used a brass, a genuine leather, glass and silver solder
Prototype here

Has decided to complicate a design, and has transformed it into a transformer. Two in one!

calskin2 years ago
Nothing but respect for your work. You take your art to a new level!
peyton142 years ago
Isnt it heavy?
cutshopguy3 years ago
Hi Gogglerman,
I've been looking at your leatherwork and obviously I'm impressed. Do you use an industrial sewing machine or is all the leather hand sewn?
gogglerman (author)  cutshopguy3 years ago
I sew by hand. Stitch by stitch. Only in this way)
these are amazing
dex drako4 years ago
I'm planing on making my own brass goggles but not sure what gauges work best. would you be willing to give any insight from your own work you might have?
Monsterguy4 years ago
I like to think of them as a Steampunk version of Zaphod Beeblebrox glasses from Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. They turn completely completely opaque at the first sign of trouble :)
Win Guy4 years ago
Very nice, I love 'em! 5/5 and faved.
Win Guy
justjimAZ4 years ago
So cool. I've never seen a design even similar. You are an original!
gogglerman (author)  justjimAZ4 years ago
Thanks, but I just reproduced the finished design and slightly improved. Thanks anyway.)