This simple instructable will show you how to make a stylish steampunk USB lamp from a scrap of wood, a salt or pepper shaker, a broken string of Christmas tree lights, a USB cable and a few coins.

The full name for this lamp is the "Brazilian Steampunk Incandescent Condiment Dispenser Illumination Device," but that wouldn't fit in the title line;-)

Why "Brazilian Steampunk" you may wonder? While this wasn't made by a Brazilian, it was made in Brazil, with Brazilian tools and mostly Brazilian materials, so I think that qualifies it for "Brazilian Steampunk."

The very simple wiring involved in this project is the same principle I used in my Steampunk USB mini-lantern. And the condiment-shaker-turned-lamp-globe is reminiscent of my first Instructable and steampunk lamp - Lanterna Antiga.

There are lots of great Instructables on this site that will give you tips on making a USB lamp. The first that inspired me to try this was the mini USB powered Tiffany Lamp. (Thanks Kaptin Scarlet;-)

Here's how I made this steampunk inspired version of a USB lamp.

• A block of wood
• A salt or pepper shaker
• Rubber gasket
• String of Christmas tree lights
• USB cable
• Female-to-female "F" type coaxial cable connector (optional)
• Coins (optional)
• Heat shrink tubing

• Saw
• Chisel
• Clamp
• Grinder
• Pliers
• Screw driver
• File (or rasp)
• Varnish (or stain)
• Super glue
• Lighter

(Some of these tools are optional, depending on the techniques you choose to use).

Step 1: Select wood

Picture of Select wood
The first step is to select a piece of wood for the base of your lamp. I chose a piece of Brazilian hard wood called angelim pedra, which I had left over from another project.

Step 2: Cut to cube

Picture of Cut to cube
cut to size.jpg
If the block of wood you have chosen is not in the approximate shape of a cube, cut it to create one.
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gborah9 months ago
fantastice so good thnxxx very much
samirg2 years ago
This is very nice instrument. And I have to try to make it.

Winged Fist (author)  samirg2 years ago
Thanks for comment Samirg! If you do make one, please post a photo here in the comments section;-)
Junophor2 years ago
Hi winged fist

Great job! That is your line. Keep it up. It is your style ;-)))))
I will bee soon back again with some new projects....
Cheers from germany
Aeon Junophor
Winged Fist (author)  Junophor2 years ago
Junophor - Thanks for recognizing that I'm finally developing a "style";-)
Always looking forward to new steampunk idea from Germany!
This is very nice.

I like the idea of using the massive, old piece of wood.

Great Job my friend :-)

Horatius Steam
Winged Fist (author)  Horatius.Steam2 years ago
Thank you for you kind words Mr. Steam – Your approval is always an honor;-)
I found that the weight of the block of wood supports the weight of the condiment shaker nicely!
Really nice job! I never thought of using x-mass lights Great idea, any plans for a switch on this piece? The coins are also a great idea they accent and complement your lamp very well.
Great Job wingedfist keep up the great work!

On a further note I get alot of my LED's and switchs from junk electronics I find on the curb come trashday or anytime im out and about, Don't be shy grabing that stuff saves alot of cash.
Winged Fist (author)  Grasshopper12212 years ago
Thanks Grasshopper! I have thought about adding a switch to a USB lamp, but in this case it would have been complicated, as it's a solid block of wood. But maybe a future model...

And I'm certainly not shy about grabbing reusable parts off the street... My problem here in NYC is the opposite – I can't fit anymore "street finds" in my apartment with out facing the wrath of my wife;-)

In the suburb of Rio where we have our house, it's very rare to find electronic devices curbside, although I did score some great wood scraps that would make a carpenter in the U.S. jealous;-)