Introduction: Steampunk Iphone Dock With Smoking Boiler

Picture of Steampunk Iphone Dock With Smoking Boiler

I had been debating creating some kind of dock for my Iphone to sit on for quite some time. This desire coupled with the first week of my summer holidays has led me to create the Steampunk Iphone Dock.

Before we get started I just want to point out that this project can be made from anything, old cans, bottles etc. So have a hunt around your home before you start, grab as  much junk as you can find so that you have an idea of the kind of shapes you need to work with.

Next its a great idea to understand the Steampunk style and that in essence what you will be making needs to look like a steam powered machine. Therefore I began by googling steam engines etc and identified an array of various parts I could use in my design. Typically you will see valves, pipes, gauges, tanks, whistles and governors all wrapped up together with rivets and sometimes even wood (wood was typically used to provide insulation to hot parts like boilers). When you have an idea of the kind of stuff you want on your dock and you have identified all of the materials available to you, you really need to take the time to draw up some ideas and take it from there. I ended up toning down my idea as I thought the paper sketch would look too complex for the docks size.

Step 1: The Base

Picture of The Base

You need to decide on a suitable base. As all of my junk is pretty much scrap wood I went with that. I would suggest you do the same as it makes cutting and shaping quite easy. Mark out the approximate size (mine was 150mm in length) and cut it down. I then drew around a coin to give myself a radius for each corner and sanded these down on my disc sander. As I want my boiler to smoke the best way I could think of to do this would be to use incense cones making my dock a sneaky incense burner as well :) It would be nice if there were a place to store the cones so Ive marked out a drawer.

Using a scroll saw or coping saw cut the draw out.

Step 2: Making the Draw

Picture of Making the Draw

We need to hollow out the draw now. Using a large(ish) drill bit to do this then finish with a chisel and/or dremel.

Step 3: The Tanks

Picture of The Tanks

You will need tanks for your dock if you want it to look like a genuine Steampunk machine. As I didn't have any cans that were the correct size for what I wanted I thought it would be quicker to just turn some cylinders on my lathe. For the smaller tank I was thinking you could use a kinder surprise case (the thing inside the yummy chocolate with the toy inside of it). If you want your boiler to smoke like mine then make sure the large tank is hollowed out or the bottom cut off.

Step 4: The Basic Parts

Picture of The Basic Parts

Ok Ive now finished turning the two tanks (the smaller one I've left a square block on the bottom so it looks like its sitting on top of a stand).

The large tank has had half of the bottom removed. Use a coping saw or band saw for this.

Ive also cut two small pieces of MDF and attached them to the top and bottom of my base. This finishes off the draw (except for the handle of course). Just for extra decoration Ive also cut two lines in the base to make them look like panels, you could pre-cut these and then space them out on the base or simply use a chisel or band saw to make the marks.

Step 5: Add the Hole for the Cable

Picture of Add the Hole for the Cable

The adapter is about 6mm in width on my cable so I selected a 6mm drill bit and drilled out a slot for the cable. A dremel works great for finishing off the hole. I drilled a larger hole from the bottom of the base to allow easy installation of the cable. Test the cable, ensure it is a nice tight fit.

When happy using a drill bit and a file create a channel from the large hole towards the back of the base. Use a similar technique to that of the slot cutting for the cable and finish it off with a file (or dremel)

Step 6: Add Some Rivets

Picture of Add Some Rivets

So that the base looks riveted together Ive marked out the base and using small pins hammered them in along the edges to simulate rivets. You may need to drill pilot holes if the pins split your wood.

When you are happy with your rivets, glue all of your tanks into place and allow them to dry.

Step 7: The Crucible

Picture of The Crucible

Whilst the base was drying I started hunting around for something to hold the cones safely in my dock. I found some old off cuts of pipe and a 22mm end cap. This would make a great crucible. So i hammered the off cut of pipe flat to form a handle then filed the end so that it would fit snug against the end cap.

I soldered these into place. If you are not too good at soldering use very strong glue (needs to be a little heat resistant).

I added a small wire rod to the handle (using glue) as it was a little unstable without it.

So that the cones get plenty of air i created a simple rack out of an old paper clip. This also reduces the amount of heat transferred to the crucible when burning. Test the rack with a cone to ensure it holds it securely.

Step 8: Other Details

Picture of Other Details

I made a governor, whistle and pressure gauge for my dock. here's how I went about it.

The whistle was simply a piece of dowel that I cut a chunk out of with a dremel. I drilled a small hole in the top and added a pin for extra detail. I mounted it onto a piece of plastic tube. I used hollow tube as I had made a hole in the bottom of the whistle so that the smoke could pass through it. In the same picture you will also see that Ive drilled and fitted a funnel to the boiler using an old piece of conduit (ensure this goes all of the way through the boiler).

The governor way created by firstly using polymorph to mold the balls (beads would work great I just didn't have any) onto small wires. I then drilled two holes in a piece of dowel and glued them in place. When dry i added a polymorph top cap.

The pressure gauge was an old wooden button. I cut a slot in the bottom so that it would sit on a steam pipe and filled in the holes with multipurpose filler.

Step 9: Painting

Picture of Painting

To give my dock the look of a dirty steam powered machine I firstly painted everything black. At this point I decided to add the pipes to my tanks using some old brazing rods (anything will do as long as you can shape it easily). I found it easier to bend the rods using a pair of pliers first then drill the holes to match the pipes. Notice the pipe handle for the drawer. When happy I removed the pipes to continue painting.

I use a syringe to measure my paints as it is a simple and accurate way to do so (and not that messy). I measured equal amounts of gold and silver paint (ignore the yellow in the pic.......big mistake to use yellow) to give me the dirty pewter like finish. Using a stencil brush dab on the paint over the black. Do not be too careful about this allow the black to show through. Start off on the the time you get to the front of your dock you will have the hang of it.

I used gold paint (unmixed) for the little details like the whistle, governor and pressure gauge. Notice How Ive also left a few things black as I felt this added extra depth to the design.

Step 10: Rubbish Pressure Gauge Made Better

Picture of Rubbish Pressure Gauge Made Better

I originally tried painting on the detail for the pressure gauge but it failed. Soooooooo badly I almost didn't tell anyone, but for your enjoyment Ive added a pic.

When I realised the mistake. I printed off a pressure gauge pic off the internet and stuck it on. Using black paint I blended it in to look like part of the design.

I also glued all of the pipes into place

Step 11: Fit the Cable

Picture of Fit the Cable

So that I could easily change the cable if needed I added the large hole underneath. I would suggest using a glue gun to hold the cable in place and only glue to the back of the cable as shown so that you can pull if off with pliers to remove the cable. Stick the cable into the grove ensuring that the glue and cable do not protrude above the surface.

NOTE: make sure you fit the cable the correct way. Mine has a symbol on it which indicates the front side, this is the side that needs to face the front of the dock.

Step 12: Get That Boiler Going!!!

Picture of Get That Boiler Going!!!

Fill your drawer with cones, plug in your dock and give everything a whirl!!!!!


CindyR39 (author)2015-11-07

Hollow out the "draw"? What the heck is a "draw"?

raoul1138 (author)2012-07-25

I could make a BIG one and put a 200 watt amp and speakers in it!! But how to make the speaker system look Steampunk is the question... I have had previous ideas about doing something with lights and objects that move/ to the beat of the music. Perhaps I could do the incense thing and it a stopper that opens with each bass boom, and a little bit of smoke comes out, that was it would look like the machine is powering the speaker. Basically a steam powered music box... or so it would appear. It will take a LONG time, but I will post a video on YouTube and put the link here ;)

raoul1138 (author)raoul11382012-07-25

blink* put* way* :$

woodstockbirdy (author)2012-05-04

What what are the cones?

Simple insence cones. The kind you get from alternative/ ethnic shops :)

Mac book pro (author)2012-03-03

Awesome this is great!

highvoltageguy (author)2011-12-28

this is awesome:-)

noahh (author)2011-07-29

Using incense for the steam is a brilliant idea, well done!

MrF_DT_teacher (author)noahh2011-07-31

thanks I had been researching all sorts of ways to make the smoke but buying bespoke stuff defeated the object of my design. I literally had it pop into my head.

Insider (author)MrF_DT_teacher2011-12-22

I like the "cold mist" generators... there is another instructable in how to make them.... but can't quickly find it.

Here's a source for what I'm talking about

PS LOVE This gonna make me one!!!!

grank (author)MrF_DT_teacher2011-07-31

This instructible is absolutely rad and amazing, but I can't resist posting this in response to this last sentence here... :)

The_Cloaked_One (author)grank2011-07-31

Ah, the gayroller....good times....good times...

lredshoes (author)2011-07-31

Fabulous, teacher! I'm an assemblage artist using found objects, and I'm always looking for ideas that produce both interesting and useful art pieces. You got it going on.

Good luck with the contest.

MrF_DT_teacher (author)lredshoes2011-07-31

Thanks :) that sounds interesting Do you have any pics?

lredshoes (author)MrF_DT_teacher2011-08-02

I do! Being evicted from home (New Orleans) by a wicked woman named Hurricane Katrina, I tend to use reclaimed bits and pieces and themes from there. (Putting it back together again, I guess.) Live in Pensacola, Florida, travel back to N.O. every chance we get and see what we can beg, borrow, buy (cheap) and salvage.

This is not fine art, but a folk art style which I purposely try to make look as if it was something mysterious salvaged as shown. (It's a lot of work to make somethings look old!) Hope you enjoy pics!

Lulu Redshoes

MrF_DT_teacher (author)lredshoes2011-08-03

Love it!!!! I try to encourage my students to use old bits and bobs to make products, as you have proved the results can be awesome.

vpurcell (author)2011-08-01


MrF_DT_teacher (author)2011-08-01

Thanks again guys for all the comments really means a lot. Please post some pics if you make one would love to see different spins of my design :)

tgray1 (author)2011-07-31

What a terrific project!

I'm sure you meant brazing rods (braising is a cooking term).

I'll bet 1/8" brass tubing from a hobby store would work, but it's tricky to bend.

MrF_DT_teacher (author)tgray12011-07-31

Doh!!! Yup. I great at using the wrong words. Which is is why I don't teach English hehe. Yeah anything like that will do it's just that's what I had access to and it was free :)

P.S just read the last bit of your post. Apply heat to the pipe before you bend it and things should run a little more smoothly

ckalinowski (author)2011-08-01

This looks great! The incense burner was, in my opinion, the best addition to a steampunk iPod dock. Kinda clever!

anthonybright (author)2011-08-01

EXCELLENT Job! Blend in a Small Speaker and switch to a USB 3.5mm JACK Car AUX Audio/Charger/sync Connector and you've got a clock radio/sound system!

javajunkie1976 (author)2011-07-29

It would be great if you could get the ball speed governor to spin. Great instructable anyway!

I had thought of using a USB hub inderneath, having two of the ports on the side for general use, one with the iphone cable plugged into it and the final one powering a small motor to make the governor spin when you plug the dock in. I didnt bother in the end as I wanted to enter it into the USB competition and didnt want to run out of time. Ive got the steampunk bug now though so watch this space :)

It's easy to get bitten by the Steampunk bug. I'm currently on an Airship design kick. I'm designing (blueprint level) a modern yet still Steampunk cargo airship.

Celtika (author)2011-07-31

Wow. This is awesome. You've inspired me to do the same for my phone. Now to find junk!

sioux gardner (author)2011-07-31

thanks - clear and concise - much appreciated

The Arbiter (author)2011-07-31

This is very cool. I really like the "metalizing" you did to make the wood look like a steel boiler. I had the same idea as a previous poster about spinning the governor with a small motor. I may have to make on of these myself for my HTC Evo.

Cool. Post a pic and make your governor spin ;)

Dark Carver (author)2011-07-31

I'm thinking of doing this for my iPad. I have experience in building (I build Halloween props) so this shouldn't be too hard. Awesome job on this instructable!

Post a pic that would be ace!

Dawnsfalcon (author)2011-07-31

Very well done. Way Cool!

prototype2213 (author)2011-07-29

This is amazing. It could easily be adapted to acomadate speakers and adds great character to a room. Great job.

Funny you should say that, the idea came about from a project I did with my students..... MP3 speaker.

MrF_DT_teacher (author)2011-07-31

Thanks guys for all the positive comments really appreciate it.

Luke Syn (author)2011-07-30

Awesome :)

tigerbomb8 (author)2011-07-29

10 out of 5

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